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Enjoy excellent comfort without increasing your energy bill

Different people and different circumstances may require very different climate control solutions. A number of key factors need to be kept in mind when selecting the perfect unit for your space to ensure the perfect climate all year long.

How to find the air conditioner that is right for you

Every air conditioner in the Daikin range offers both heating and cooling. Our units cool homes with an energy efficiency up to A+++, the highest energy efficiency rating on the market, resulting in a low energy bill.

They are packed with features that greatly increase your comfort. The Coanda effect optimises the airflow for a comfortable climate and a better temperature distribution throughout the whole room. The intelligent thermal sensor determines the current room temperature and distributes air evenly throughout the room. And every unit runs so quietly, you will almost forget it is there.

In addition to delivering top-notch technology to help you achieve the right climate, our designers put a lot of effort into making our units look beautiful and stylish so that they fit seamlessly into your interior.


Daikin Ururu Sarara unit

Which of our Daikin systems is best suited for you?


Ururu Sarara

The most complete air conditioner on the market with an A+++ energy label. This unit cools, heats, humidifies, dehumidifies and purifies the air.
  • Premium solution for heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification, ventilation and air purification 
  • Wall mounted unit
  • A+++ energy efficiency label 
  • Control from any location with an app (optional)
Daikin Stylish unit



This model won the iF award, Reddot award and Good Design Award for its innovative design and functional possibilities.
  • Award-winning design available in 4 colours: a compact and functional design suitable for all interiors

  • Compact wall mounted unit

  • Up to A+++ energy efficiency label

  • Control from any location with an app (standard)

Daikin emura unit



Daikin Emura

Heating, cooling and air purification with one unit.

  • Award-winning design, available in 2 colours: matt crystal white and elegant silver 

  • European design wall mounted unit

  • Up to A+++ energy efficiency label 

  • Control from any location with an app (standard)

Daikin perfera unit





The intelligent, safe and durable climate product that can be mounted on walls or installed as a floor standing unit.


  • For heating and cooling

  • Up to A+++ energy efficiency label

  • Wall mounted and floor standing unit 

  • Control from any location with an app (standard)

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