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Ururu Sarara

Enjoy A+++ air conditioning, humidification, dehumidification, and fresh-air ventilation

Your perfect climate

Enjoy your perfect climate with the outstanding performance and quiet operation of the Ururu Sarara wall mounted unit.

Optimal performance

Cool or heat any room quickly and efficiently.

Smart humidity control

The Ururu humidification and Sarara dehumidification systems ensure the right amount of moisture in the air.

Fresh-air ventilation

Thanks to the Ururu Sarara’s powerful ventilation, you can enjoy fresh air in your home - even with your windows closed.

Intelligent air purification

Enjoy better, cleaner air. The Daikin Flash Streamer breaks down allergens such as pollen and fungal allergens and removes odours. Plus, the system's automatic cleaning function keeps performance high while ensuring a longer lifetime.

About Ururu Sarara

Reduced environmental impact in kg CO2 on chart.

A+++ energy efficiency

Ururu Sarara extracts 80% of its power from the air and just 20% from electricity. Apart from that, the unit further reduces its energy consumption with a range of smart technologies and energy-efficient settings.

Unrivalled comfort

Enjoy extra comfort with the Ururu Sarara’s 3-area motion detection sensor. The sensor directs air away from people and automatically switches the system into energy-saving mode when it detects an empty room.

Reduced environmental impact in kg CO2 on chart.

Intelligent design

With its auto-cleaning filter and extremely quiet operation, the Ururu Sarara fits perfectly into your interior and lifestyle. The unit's award-winning design was inspired by the Japanese Ogi fan.


Smart climate control

Ururu Sarara offers different ways to manage your home environment. Control the unit using the infrared remote control, the Daikin Residential Controller app on your smartphone, or voice controls via Alexa or Google Home.

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