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Air Filtration Unit

DAFU 1000


Energy-efficient technologies for the future

Our cooling solutions are classified with the highest energy efficiency labels on the market. Thanks to our focus on renewable energy and innovative technologies, you benefit from a total solution that maximises your return on investment. Our dedication to developing energy-efficient climate solutions guarantees that Daikin units not only comply with, but are also years ahead of legislation standards.

The importance of good indoor air quality

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) “Air pollution from both outdoor and indoor sources represents the single largest environmental risk to health globally”, and causes 7 million deaths a year, worldwide.

On average, people spend 90% of their lives indoors (and some, such as the elderly, even more). This has caused the level of indoor air pollutants to increase 2-5 times higher than outdoor levels. Indoor air pollution can lead to serious short and long-term health problems. There has also been growing evidence that air pollution impacts mental health and may be a factor in conditions such depression and bipolar disorder. It may also have a detrimental effect on children’s learning ability, patient recovery and workforce productivity. For building owners, poor indoor air quality (and poor indoor environments in general) can hit the bottom line: demands from leaseholders and tenants can result in having to carry out costly remedial works to both the building fabric and M&E systems (from lighting to climate control). This can lead to higher running costs and potentially affect market and rental values.

Why choose Daikin?

As a global leader in the HVAC-R industry, we rely on more than 90 years of experience and expertise to deliver the highest quality solutions and services.

The Daikin air filtration unit upholds our promise to provide cleaner and healthier indoor climates in homes, offices and commercial spaces around the world. Because our care for the planet is absolute, our air purifiers are designed with the latest technology to consume less energy and reduce their environmental impact. Our commitment to quality also means providing the best service experience for our customers. From on-site support and installations to troubleshooting and maintenance, our experts are here to help you achieve the perfect climate. 

Air Filtration Unit


Daikin's air filtration unit is equipped with 3-stage filtration including 99.99% efficient HEPA filters. It is a portable, with nominal 1000 CFM, air filtration unit designed to serve small to medium-sized facilities like health care facilities to quickly and inexpensively convert standard patient rooms to negative pressure isolation rooms. It also helps any conditioned space as a recirculating device that provides equivalent outdoor air changes (ACH) to eliminate air borne infections.

Product Highlights

Air Filtration unit can be operated in any of the below modes:

1. 100 % Exhaust

2. 100% Recirculating

This powerful unit is equipped with an EC Fan with variable speed control and can deliver airflow from 300 CFM to 1000 CFM. The EC Fan ensures lower sound levels and high efficiency.

› Compact Vertical Design with Footprint 0.35 m2

› Nominal Airflow 1000 CFM, able to provide 12 ACH in Rooms up to 5000 Cubic Feet

› Casing 1.0 mm thick prepainted Galvanized steel in RAL 9002 smooth finish

› Other RAL color options available for the casing

› Casing insulated with Acoustic insulation

› 3 Stages Filtration with UV lamp

›  HEPA filter auto scan tested as per EN 1822

› Indication Lights for unit running and HEPA Filter dirty warning

Applications: The air filtration unit purifies and cleans the air of the spaces that matter most.

Conference Rooms

Healthcare Facilities

Sanitizing Hotel Rooms

Commercial Centers




Fitness Centers


Hotel Lobby


Guide Specifications DAFU 1000

Unit Construction: Vertical design with unit casing made of 1.0 mm thick prepainted galvanized steel in smooth white finish (RAL 9002). Unit should be insulated with 25mm thick acoustic insulation. Insulation should have excellent resistance to bacteria and fungi with low VOC levels. Safety guards should be provided on the unit Inlet and outlet complying with OSHA regulations. Unit should be portable with heavy-duty casters for easy movement. 

Prefilter: Prefilters should be available with minimum MERV 8 efficiency classification. Filter efficiency should be documented with test results from an independent, third-party test laboratory. Prefilters should have the highest dust-holding capacity (DHC) to ensure longer life for the filter. Filters should be UL-classified. 

Carbon Filter: Carbon filters should be pleated panel type made of activated carbon media and effective against odors. Filters should be UL-classified. 

Fan: Fan should be EC fans with high-efficiency backward curved impeller made of aluminium blades. Motors should have minimum IP44 protection. 

UV Lamp: High efficiency and high output UV lamp (254 nm) should be provided to inactivate viruses, bacteria and fungi. 

Filtration Stages: Unit should be equipped with 3-stage filtration along with UV lamps. 

HEPA Filter: HEPA filters should be H14 with 99.99% efficiency. Filter media should have a chemical-resistant anodized aluminum frame. Filters should be UL-classified. HEPA Filter should be mounted as the last component of the unit up-stream of the fan. 

Transition Plate [Accessory]: This is desigend for 100% exhaust application. Transition plate should be provided to easily connect the unit discharge to 10” diameter flexible duct.

Unit Control and Operation: Below should be provided as a minimum for the unit control and operation:

• On/Off Switch with green light to indicate that the unit is on and working

• Red light to indicate HEPA filter is dirty and needs replacement.

• Manual speed controller to provide infinitely variable speed control between 0% and 100%

Split system

Split system

For one room

A single-split system connects one indoor unit to one outdoor unit, for easy installation and straightforward cooling and heating.

Multi-split system

Multi-split system

For your entire home

With Daikin air-to-air heat pumps, you can connect up to five indoor units to one outdoor unit to efficiently cool or heat up to five different rooms. The temperature for each room can be controlled independently.

Award-winning designs for your interior

Thanks to our wide range of indoor units and design options, you'll always find a climate solution that fits your interior.


Always in control

Daikin air conditioners offer different ways to manage your home environment. Use the Daikin Residential Controller app on your smartphone, the infrared remote control, or the voice controls via Alexa or Google Home.

  • Ururu Sarara

    The wall mounted premium A+++ solution for cooling, heating, humidification, dehumidification, ventilation, and air purification. 

  • Stylish

    The award-winning wall mounted up to A+++ solution for cooling and heating. Available in four colours and suitable for all interiors.

  • Daikin Emura

    The award-winning wall mounted up to A+++ solution for cooling and heating. Available in a matt crystal white and elegant silver finish.

  • Perfera

    The wall mounted or floor standing up to A+++ solution for cooling and healing, offering great performance and comfort.

  • Optimised Heating 4

    Heating and cooling units for colder climates down to -25°C with up to A+++ energy efficiency in heating.


With the Bluevolution range, Daikin takes comfort to a whole new level. Using a new refrigerant called R-32, we have improved energy efficiency up to A+++ for both cooling and heating.

Need help?

Need Help?