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High performance process cooling solutions

Daikin process cooling systems are engineered to accommodate demanding environments for a variety of industrial applications.

Benefit from our zero-defect policy
Benefit from our zero-defect policy

Benefit from our zero-defect policy

When you own a production facility or a building that houses large inventories, it is crucial for your business that your climate system runs smoothly at all times.

  • Our zero-defect policy means that we repeatedly test each unit during production to ensure that it runs perfectly for years to come 
  • Before assembly of the units, we test every part too make sure that it meets our quality standards 
  • We only use the highest quality components and a majority of them are produced in-house
Reduce your carbon footprint
Reduce your carbon footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint

Our energy efficient technologies will help you reduce your carbon footprint and cut your operating costs.

  • Our signature inverter technology increases energy efficiency by up to 30% 
  • The heat recovery process reuses the heat generated during process cooling to comfort heat offices and other areas 
  • It is our mission at Daikin to research and develop innovative green building solutions
Experience the highest levels of innovation
Experience the highest levels of innovation

Experience the highest levels of innovation

Our in-house product development centres and internal manufacturing of parts guarantee the highest quality process cooling systems on the market.

  • Daikin engineers are dedicated to developing new products and technologies 
  • We respond immediately to changes in legislation because we develop our products in-house 
  • Manufacturing our own compressors means that we can guarantee their high quality

We work with you

Daikin is a true partner when it comes to designing process cooling solutions for your needs. Our Daikin consultants and installers work with you on-site to develop a personalised solution for your building based on your needs, requirements, location, building restrictions and more. Whether you are looking for a plug-and-play solution, or something completely customised, we have the resources to provide both.

From small wineries to large industrial warehouses

Whether your project is big or small, we have process cooling solutions to suit your needs.

  • Agriculture

    Increase your crop yields and lengthen fruit and vegetable storage by controlling every climate variable in your greenhouse.

  • Data Centres

    Keep your IT equipment running smoothly with Daikin cooling solutions that are engineered to accommodate large amounts of heat generation.

  • District cooling

    Increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption across all buildings in your community or district.

  • Food processing & storage

    Reliable process cooling provides stable temperatures for food production, transport and storage.

  • Manufacturing

    Ensure smooth operation with our Daikin equipment cooling, refrigeration and air handling units.

  • Marine

    Our compact models constructed with anti-corrosion materials are designed to withstand the conditions out on the high seas.

  • Petrochemical

    Our temperature control technologies keep petrochemical plants safe and comfortable, while increasing efficiency.

  • Pharmaceutical

    Avoid air contamination in your highly controlled environments with our process cooling and humidity control technologies.

  • Warehouses

    Protect your inventory and reduce your energy bills with Daikin heating, cooling and ventilation solutions.

  • Wineries

    With Daikin climate control solutions, we guarantee optimal thermal conditions during every stage of the winemaking process.


Infrastructure cooling for data centres

To keep your vital IT equipment running smoothly, we provide reliable cooling solutions designed to accommodate the large amounts of heat generated by data centres and technology hubs.


Holcim cement plant case

Discover how a Daikin chiller provides cooling at the Holcim cement plant in Dotternhausen.


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