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Hi, I'm Daikin Emura

Daikin Emura pleases the eye and upholds a people centric approach – with a strong focus on comfort and user experience – to improve your well-being at home. 


I ' L L  K E E P
Y O U  C O O L
I N  S U M M E R
A N D  W A R M
I N  W I N T E R __

Daikin Emura, an icon of
contemporary air conditioning

Your Daikin Emura cooling and heating air-to-air heat pump includes a wall mounted indoor unit, remote control and outdoor unit. Every single part follows the Daikin design philosophy.

This 3rd generation Daikin Emura has a remarkable design with soft shadow lines, additional smart features and improved user experience – making it even more relevant to European architectural aesthetics, technical standards and user demands.

Beautiful design

Go for remarkable design that fits your interior

Maximum comfort

Live in a climate that’s designed for your lifestyle

Smart control

Control your climate from anywhere at any time

Energy efficiency

Lower your impact and save on your energy bill


I ’ M  D E S I G N E D
T O  P L E A S E 
T H E  E Y E __

Looking for an air conditioning system that brings together the best of performance and design? Daikin Emura is the climate control solution that perfectly balances form and function. Completely designed and engineered in-house. Beautiful and intelligent design that suits your interior: high-end yet affordable and winner of the iF DESIGN AWARD and Red Dot Product Design Award 2022. Daikin Emura will even make your walls proud!

Curved lines

Usually, air conditioners have straight lines. Daikin Emura is proud to be different. Thanks to its curved front and back panel, the indoor unit has a unique 3D shape. The curved lines refer to the harmonised airflow, while they also create a pleasing visual effect in your interior. 

The emotion of motion

Panel movement is unique for Daikin design units. Now, what’s special about the panel movement of a Daikin Emura air conditioner? It comes forward, slightly angled, creating a new dynamic and different shadow lines in operating mode. The angled approach adds real emotion to the panel motion.


Subtle shadow play

The curved panels of the indoor unit create shadows that make Daikin Emura really come to life, while the outdoor heat pump uses shadows to hide the rotating fan.


Form follows function

In addition to the curved lines and the attractive visual effect, the panel movement of the Daikin Emura air conditioner also enhances the air distribution throughout the room. So, the well-known design statement ‘form follows function’ really applies to Daikin Emura. Every design detail is well-considered.

Slim design

You want to make the most of the space in your home, and you don’t want your air conditioning unit to catch all the attention, right? Daikin Emura is only 90 cm wide. And thanks to its curved design, the unit looks even slimmer than it is in reality. 


Available in 3 colours


I ’ M  H E R E  T O
P R O V I D E 
Y E A R - R O U N D
C O M F O R T__

Form follows function… That’s no different for Daikin Emura. The air conditioner is designed to create the perfect indoor climate and increase your feeling of comfort at home. Daikin Emura keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter, and your home healthy by purifying the indoor air. Step into the Daikin Emura comfort zone…








Intelligent airflow


Usually, air conditioners have straight lines. Daikin Emura is proud to be different. Thanks to its curved front and back panel, the indoor unit has a unique 3D shape. The curved lines refer to the harmonised airflow, while they also create a pleasing visual effect in your interior.

Acoustic comfort

Do you enjoy the peace and quiet at home?
Daikin Emura runs so quietly you’ll almost forget it’s there. A specially designed fan optimises the airflow for high performance levels at low sound levels, making Daikin Emura practically inaudible in operating mode.


Air purification

90% of your time is spent indoors. With built-in air purifying filters and Flash Streamer technology, Daikin Emura captures dust particles, breaks down allergens and removes bothersome odours, providing you with better, cleaner air. That’s how the Daikin Emura air conditioning unit keeps your home healthy.


I ’ M  A L W A Y S
I N  C O N T R O L ,
U N L E S S  Y O U
I N S T R U C T  M E
O T H E R W I S E __

Daikin Emura is set to provide optimal comfort when you’re around. Of course, you can easily take over control with the push of a button or a tap on the screen: manage Daikin Emura with the user-friendly remote control or from anywhere at any time with the intuitive Onecta app on your smart devices.

Minimalistic design

The Daikin Emura remote control has a minimalistic design with curved lines, pixel screen and blue Daikin eye. It’s compact and it fits the hand perfectly. You can simply attach the remote control to the wall with the magnet.

User-friendly control

Control the indoor climate with ease: the remote control focuses on the most important functionalities. All other features can easily be accessed via the self-explanatory menu or the intuitive Onecta app

Onecta app

Not home? With the Onecta app, that’s no problem. The app gives you instant access to all features. So, you can easily adjust Daikin Emura’s settings with your smartphone, from anywhere at any time.

  • Control all functionalities of your Daikin Emura air conditioner
  • Create different schedules and operation modes
  • Monitor your energy consumption on a daily, weekly or yearly basis
  • Identify the room in your house to easily control different units

Simply connect to WLAN and downloadthe Onecta app to start creating your perfect climate at home.



I  U S E  E N E R G Y
E F F I C I E N T L Y __

Whether it’s extremely hot or cold outside, you expect your air conditioner to perform all year long in the same stable way. Daikin Emura is engineered to perform every season and provide yearround comfort in the most energy-efficient way: Bluevolution technology guarantees best-in-class performance with a low environmental impact and low energy bill

Outdoor unit


Daikin Emura comes with a redesigned outdoor unit that uses state-of-the-art technology to keep the environmental impact and your energy bill as low as possible. Most of the energy used comes from the outside air, a free and infinitely renewable resource. 


Thanks to the next-generation R-32 refrigerant, Daikin Emura is also able to reduce its impact on the planet. With a lower GWP (Global Warming Potential), R-32 is equivalent in power to standard refrigerants, but it achieves higher energy efficiency and lower CO2 emissions. This is what we call the Bluevolution technology.

Pair or multi?

Daikin Emura connects to a compact pair or multi outdoor unit. Now, what’s the best solution for you? A licensed Daikin installer will help you select the outdoor unit that best suits your needs.


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