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There's more in a Daikin

More innovation, more growth, more responsibility, more diversity, more respect and more fun.
At Daikin, we believe that you should enjoy every day to its fullest.

Inspiring innovation

Inspiring innovation

Are you as determined as we are to find solutions? As a market leader in energy efficiency, we believe our progressive approach to product development delivers an unparalleled quality and versatility to our integrated solutions.

Developing careers

Personal development

We believe top-quality products and services are delivered by talented individuals. That is why we choose to invest in personal development and offer opportunities for growth throughout your career.

Community Careers

Daikin community

It's important to have fun at work.
Conviviality and teamwork make for strong connections between colleagues.
Join some fun activities organised by our Daikin Entertainment Team and you will immediately feel at home.


International Traineeship

Are you a recent graduate with international ambitions? Daikin's International Traineeship offers select participants the opportunity to gain international experience paired with extensive training to jumpstart their careers at Daikin.


The excitement of being a member of Daikin family is an unmatched feeling, so if you are really looking for an opportunity to learn, grow, and add value, Daikin would be a great opportunity for you!

Sherif Elogeiry - HR Director; Daikin Middle East & Africa


Daikin Employee Referral Program

The Daikin Referral Program aims to provide the best career opportunities to the most skilled and equipped candidates known to our employees. 

Employees Success Story



"The things I like the most about Daikin is its culture and people. I have the freedom to express my opinion and ideas, and these are valued by my superiors.

Daikin is a company that believes in the team as a strong foundation to achieving goals. I am proud to say that I have been part of this family for a decade now."


"I started my career in Daikin as an Accountant. Four years later, I moved to Corporate Planning and acquired the role of  a Business Analyst. I have achieved great results not only by working hard but also by having a strong sense of responsibility. There are several other factors that have been responsible for my success. Being passionate in everything I do, But the biggest reason for all my achievements is the support of my Daikin family towards my endeavors. 

Daikin’s passion for its brand, customers, and employees has always impressed me. Daikin made me realize that working  in conjunction with people of different nationalities, cultures, and beliefs is  highly rewarding because we all belong to one family working together towards success. Being part of the family gives you a voice regardless of your position. Daikin is very fair and understanding to the needs of its employees. As the company grows, employees grow with. Working in Daikin makes you feel protected and, l taken care of, it is the right place  to find a lot of opportunities for skill development."


"I kicked off my professional career in UAE with Daikin; joining a MNC was a dream come true when I got the offer letter. This job is the backbone of my career path, as I have learnt  crucial things (the operations/department processes/developed wider knowledge about the market, etc.),which essentially  helped me in the development of skills. I feel proud of working for the no.1 HVAC Company in the world. I had a manager who was just like a brother giving an advice at every point in my life. The best thing about Daikin is its culture shift, as it believes in personal development and continuous improvement of employees."

"In Daikin culture we learn to adapt quickly keeping pace with changes in technology & market. We collaborate with internal and external customers to co-create the solution value.

We get to design control solution which sets industry benchmarks in quality and scalability through engagement of passionate team members who deliver challenging solution on-time, every time."


"If I were to describe Daikin in one sentence, that sentence would be, “Great place to work”. We all know that during the COVID-19 situation, Daikin was one of the first companies across multiple channels that took the decision and motivated its employees for work-from-home. Even though the financial year ends in March, the company made sure that its people kept working without having their lives compromised. Daikin is still one of the few companies in the entire world that allows its employees to work- from-home full-time."




"I joined Daikin 9 years ago and was responsible for the sales of 2 countries. Over the years Daikin has helped me grow. Now, I head the sales of 7 major countries around Africa. I am very proud to be part of the Daikin family for serval reasons. I have achieved significant milestones and Daikin has supported me throughout the journey. I am most proud of the team I have built and developed. Together we are a high-performance driven team that stops at nothing to achieve success."

"Being a part of Daikin is not just about getting the job done; it is about learning something new and exciting every day. The working environment here is so inspiring that I never felt tired of being here. The culture continuously motivates me to take on new challenges and develop my skills to become better-and-better every single day.

The wonderful on-going journey that has lasted more than 7 years has helped me to enhance my expertise & to groom my soft skills."

"I have worked as a planning analyst at Daikin for the last 4 years. Daikin has offered me the opportunity to grow my professional skills and focus on personal development at the same time.

The company  features a great supportive environment and workplace. Open communication within Daikin also allows its employees to become more engaged and make the best efforts to achieve common goals."



"Working with Daikin developed my confidence, communication skills  and helped me learn a lot about how to work with people with different nationalities. Daikin helped me improve my work etiquette in different ways. I am happy to be an integral part part of HR and General Affairs team, to support, communicate and provide solutions according to their day to day need."

"I’ve had a fantastic journey with Daikin since 2012, where I was molded from a fresh graduate engineer to a seasoned professional. I am grateful to Daikin for providing me with an opportunity to discover my unexplored potentials and fine-tune my skills.

Working in the After-Sales department includes diverse and fascinating challenges every day which has helped me cerebrate innovatively, improve my critical thinking and decision-making aptitudes. I feel proud of the wonderful team we have formed whose members are all dedicated, committed and working exhaustingly to achieve customer satisfaction, while concentrating on practicing the core beliefs of promptness, reliability, and kindness."


"I had a wonderful opportunity to be among the first pioneers of the project sales team in Daikin Middle East and experience the countless challenges we had during those days. With the support of all Daikin members, I was able to make a significant impact and close remarkable revenues for the company, improve the market presence and expand to medium and large projects with remarkable developers.

I believe an important part of the success is to act as a team player, rather than to be in a closed circle; in other words,  I would always like to interact and share information with all members, which by default, would lead to immense benefits for everyone."

"I joined Daikin in 2019 and ever since then ,, I have begun to see Engineering from a whole new perspective. The leadership style practiced at Daikin has made it possible for me to utilize my skills and  make wiser decisions. Daikin being a company with innovation at its core has made it possible for me to think out of the box when looking for solutions to pending issues. DAME, being a multi-national organization with a strong corporate philosophy, has taught me that openness and honesty are key values which should be adopted by everyone to achieve success in their day-to-day lives.

During my short period with DAME, I have realized that teamwork with the right leadership approach is always a great recipe for success. The people centered management and flat organizational structure practiced at DAME has made it possible for me to easily relate with and communicate to colleagues from different backgrounds and nationalities which, in turn, has made me a much better person, not only professionally but personally. The- on-the-job knowledge that I have gained during my short working period at DAME has made it possible for me to become better grounded, both technically and personally, enabling me to influence factors that positively affect my company’s success."

"I have just completed 3 years with Daikin, but in terms of experience and value addition to my knowledge, it could not be measured. Daikin philosophy has offered me the chance to make informed decisions that helped me improve results. Every opportunity is unique from all perspectives as it requires making challenging decisions based on the most appropriate suggestions given to my clients, in order to meet their expectations.

Shortly after joining Daikin, I was so fortunate to achieve great results and positive impact on the Consulting Sales Department operations. Thanks to my managers and colleagues, we have managed to work jointly as one team to achieve the corporate goals."

"During my career here in Daikin, I have worked hard to show my dedication and commitment by coming up with very positive results in my job and work ethics. I have always tried to achieve more and go the extra mile to achieve results that surpass expectations. This has been feasible with the full support and guidance of my manager and support of my colleagues.

Daikin has the best company culture I have ever worked in because it’s open, fair, and known to the society. The ‘Kaizen’ philosophy stimulates each employee to be enterprising and to contribute to continuous improvements. Everyone's opinion is important, and your input is essential.

The work-life balance of employees and the diversity of the team bring out the most in the talents of everyone, regardless of their nationality, age, gender, etc."

Add your talent

We look for unique individuals to contribute their talents to our growth and leadership.

Your talent

  • Determined to find solutions
  • Seek opportunities to enhance personal growth
  • Respect yourself and others
  • Desire to promote sustainable development 

Our strengths

  • We are international. As the EMEA headquarters, we are a melting pot of backgrounds and nationalities, with a strong connection to our Japanese heritage.
  • We are pragmatic. We stimulate an entrepreneurial spirit and inspire our employees to develop their own careers.
  • We are respectful. We offer opportunities for you to evolve and grow due to our extensive training programme, on-the-job coaching and the flexibility to rotate between jobs to fulfil your own ambitions.
  • We are the market leader. As the number one innovator within our industry, we offer you stability and a wide playing field of job opportunities.

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Graduate Engineering Training Program (GET)

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