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Our Daikin Community

There's more fun in a Daikin Day!


Having fun is essential to a Daikin Day!

Together we plan and host numerous activities for our Daikin community. From festivals to sports tournaments, and everything in between, our events are a great opportunity to meet new people, build relationships and spend time with colleagues outside of work.


Join a sports team

Healthy employees create a healthy company, and we encourage our community to lead an active lifestyle. Today, 300 Daikin employees are involved in our sports teams, such as soccer, cycling and running. Friendly games and training sessions are designed for athletes of all levels to enjoy the sport.


Join the celebration

Whether it be spreading holiday cheer with the family or welcoming the warm weather with friends, we invite you to join our celebration! We host annual parties and fun festivals with plenty of good music, food and games.

Need help?

Need Help?