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International Young Graduate Program

Are you a recent graduate with international ambitions? Daikin Europe's International Young Graduate Program offers select participants the opportunity to gain international experience paired with extensive training to jumpstart their careers at Daikin.


The beginning of your international career

The International Young Graduate program at Daikin is a unique opportunity to first explore your interests, find your passion and develop your skills in Belgium. After which you can further develop your career while working abroad.

In one year, you will work in multiple Daikin departments, receive thorough training from team members and are invited to join one of our affiliate offices abroad to add to your experience in an international context.

The program

A traineeship at Daikin is a unique opportunity for graduates looking to explore their interests, find their passion and develop their skills. In one year, participants work in multiple Daikin departments, receive thorough training from team members and are invited to join one of our affiliate offices abroad to put their their knowledge to the test.

international traineeship 1-3 months

Month 1 - 8: EMEA headquarters

  • Learn about the company & culture 
  • Work on specific projects in 2 different departments 
  • Deepen your experience in key domains
international traineeship 4-7 months

Month 9 - 12: Going abroad

  • A challenging international experience at one of our subsidiaries or manufacturing plants within the Daikin Europe Group 
  • Experience again a different domain and gain additional knowledge 
  • Discover the difference between the working at HQ and a local branch
international traineeship 8-12 months


  • Take up a position within the Daikin Europe Group, either in Belgium or abroad • Gain more in-depth experience in one specific domain • Be open to international rotations to share your knowledge and broaden your experience

The program begins at the EMEA headquarters in Belgium (Ostend, Ghent or Brussels)

In the last 3-4 months of the program, you are challenged with an international experience at one of our affiliated sales or manufacturing organizations.


After the programme

After completing this one-year program, you are assigned to a position within the Daikin Europe Group (in Belgium or abroad) where your experience will be extremely valuable.

You get the chance to focus your attention on one domain and extend your experience in this field for a longer period of time.

Throughout your career you remain open to international rotation within the group, to share your knowledge and strengthen the international collaboration.

Some of our locations

The selection process

Depending on your country of residence, the selection process may vary. However, the general procedure after submitting your application, is first an invitation for a personal interview at one of our Daikin offices.

After this we will ask you to complete some online tests and in a final stage we invite you to visit our Belgium office for a final interview. If all goes well, we will offer you an open ended contract.

Your profile

Daikin career - your profile
  • You are a young graduate with a degree in either engineering or economics, and a strong interest in company processes
  • You are not limited to your field of knowledge, but have a strong interest in gaining a wider perspective 
  • You are willing to spend a first training period abroad, but are also available, after this traineeship, to work abroad 
  • Possess a strong knowledge of English

Our offer

Daikin career - our offer
  • An international environment in a market-leading company 
  • Several very different experiences, some out of your comfort zone, which will allow you to broaden your knowledge 
  • A permanent contract at our Belgian headquarters 
  • Practical experience during your traineeship and formal trainings to expand your knowledge 
  • An opportunity to gain international experience 
  • A competitive salary, complemented by a package of extralegal benefits

Need help?

Need Help?