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Comfort solutions for all your needs

Product Features


  • Higher comfort level guaranteed compared to traditional ducted indoors thanks to the unique Daikin automatic airflow adjustment function
  • 3 fan speed control
  • Increased design flexibility thanks to a wide range of selectable ESP range: up to 200Pa
  • Indoor air quality: standard air filter removes airborne dust particles to ensure a steady supply of clean air
  • Reduced installation time: no balancing of dampers required thanks to the unique Daikin automatic airflow adjustment
  • Optional wireless and wired remote control


  • Available in Heat Pump
  • Wide operating range: up to 54º CDB
  • Powerful cooling performance, even under high temperature
  • Higher nominal and seasonal energy efficiency:

            - up  to 50% less electricity consumption vs. traditional system

            - up to 7.5 stars

  • Quick Cooling: up to 1.5 faster than traditional systems
  • Standard anti-corrosion protection



    Zero ozone depletion potential for a reduced impact on the environment.

    Tropical compressor

    The tropical compressor is able to handle and operate fully under extreme weather conditions.


    Daikin indoor units are whisper quiet. Outdoor units are also guaranteed not to disturb the quietness of the neighborhood.

    Powerful Cooling

    Rapid cooling and powerful, even if outside temparature is very high

    User Friendly

    Easy Installation, easy operating procedures and user-friendly shaped buttons.

    Sleep Mode

    Setting sleep mode will gradually adjust the set temperature to provide a comfortable environment for sleeping.

    Automatic Airflow Adjustment

    This unique Daikin function selects the most appropriate fan curve to achieve the best comfort. Compared to traditional duct unit, it will make the installation shorter and easier as balancing of dampers is not required.

    Inverter technology

    Inverter technology helps substantially reduce energy bill, while maintaining the highest level of comfort. Start-up time is reduced and temperature is maintained stable at all times, unlike non inverter air conditioners

    Need help?

    Need Help?