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Headquarters of the Emirates police force

The United Arab Emirates

Daikin recently supplied four chillers for the Headquarters of the Emirates police force, in the UAE. The chillers will be used to provide cooling through air handling units through the large building and ensure the maximum level of comfort for occupants.

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Cooling capacity: 3.8 MW

About the project

The United Arab Emirates is known for its hot and humid climate, making air conditioning an essential part of everyday life. Installing high-performance chillers in buildings is important to maintain indoor temperatures and humidity levels, provide comfort, and create a healthy environment for the occupants.

The Daikin chillers supplied for this specific project are designed to provide efficient cooling, even in the most challenging conditions. They stand out for their low power input, high efficiency levels, and compactness compared to the high cooling capacity provided.

Besides efficiency, footprint was another very important aspect in the project. Daikin met this specific need with the M Series, a range of chillers specifically designed to operate in Middle East conditions.

The four chillers from the Daikin M Series will provide the office building with a reliable, energy-efficient, and compact solution, which will perfectly fit the space allocated to the HVAC plant. The installation of these Daikin chillers is a valuable investment for the building owners and a testament to their commitment to creating a comfortable and healthy environment.

More about the product

The customer needed a solution that could guarantee consistent reliability in the high ambient temperatures and dusty environments, but also impressive overall energy efficiency.

The M series is designed to perform in environmental conditions specific to the Middle East, i.e., temperatures between 46° and 55° Celsius. This type of application usually uses a Daikin single screw technology compressor, so the inrush current on the chillers is near to zero. This is extremely important for the Middle East market, because it makes these machines compliant with local directives.

Read more here about Daikin single screw compressor technology

Additionally, the M Series offers an extensive list of options so the Series is versatile, meeting the wide range of needs for high temperature cooling projects.

One of these options is the High Ambient Kit, which includes oversized electrical equipment (for instance main switch, fuses, and cables) to guarantee reliability and extend the components’ operating life. Daikin also offers a set of options to protect components from aggressive sunbeams or extreme heat, like sunshields, enhanced ventilation in the electrical panel, and refrigerant condensing temperature control thanks to the speed control of the dedicated fans.

As well as flexibility and adaptability to the different challenges faced by industrial projects in high temperature areas, the customers were looking for absolute reliability.

This requirement was easily satisfied with Daikin technology that has been successfully used in many different projects over the last 20 years and has made Daikin the absolute leader in the screw compressor field.

Compared to a screw compressor, the single screw compressor designed and manufactured by Daikin uses one main screw that meshes with twin star rotors to produce a volume matching compression cycle. Due to the main rotor, which is balanced in both the radial and axial directions, the compressor bearing is extremely reliability. Therefore, its life span can be longer than other screw compressors. The single screw compressor only has three moving parts which reduces the possibility of failure and keeps operation costs low.

The exceptional after sales support Daikin offers across the world, and specifically in the region, made the choice even easier for the customer.

Are you interested in Daikin single screw solutions for high temperature projects? Contact us via the form below.

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