بناء أعمالك مع Daikin

نقدم أوسع مجموعة من مضخات الحرارة، وحلول تكييف الهواء والتهوية والتبريد وحلول الأنظمة التطبيقية العالية الجودة المتوفرة في السوق.

الراحة القصوى

خلق مناخ مصمم لنمط حياتك عملائك

الجودة العالية

الاسترخاء والاستمتاع بمزايا تركيب حلولنا الموثوقة

الكفاءة في استخدام الطاقة

تقديم إمكانية التوفير في الطاقة باستخدام حلولنا الموفرة للطاقة


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Daikin Business Portal

Our online business portal provides you with immediate access to all of the information and tools you need for your installation. From manuals and presentations, to videos and selection software, use this powerful search engine as a tool to answer questions and support your business.


Three new leaders just arrived in town

Daikin the largest installer network in Europe

The largest network in Europe

Established in Europe for more than 45 years, Daikin Europe has the experience and the network to create innovative heating and air conditioning solutions. We have the market knowledge and the resources to cater to your needs. With our own European Development Centre, and a focus on energy-efficient products, we are creating climate solutions in Europe for Europe.

Solutions for each climate need

At Daikin, we offer the largest selection of heating and cooling solutions to suit all environments and personal preferences. Learn more about the options available to you by choosing an application.


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