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Cooling, heating, and hot water for your new home

Building a new home is exciting, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. When it comes to finding the right climate solution, we've listed some practical tips to help you out.

Climate solution checklist

When selecting an air conditioning or heat pump solution for your new home, make sure to consider everything: from your current needs, to your plans for the future.

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Consider your needs

  • Do you want cooling, heating, hot water, or everything in one? 
  • Which type of renewable energy source do you have available?
  • Are there government regulations or incentives for more energy-efficient solutions?
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Focus on your home

  • Which traditional energy sources are you going to be using?
  • How many rooms do you want to cool and/or heat?
  • Do you prefer an indoor or outdoor installation?
  • Do you prefer units that are mounted on the wall, standing on the floor or built into the wall or ceiling?
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Plan for the future

  • Do you plan on growing your family? 
  • How important is your carbon footprint to you? 
  • Do you want to incorporate renewable energy sources like solar?
  • Are you willing to spend a little more now to save a lot on your future energy bills?

Reduce your home's environmental impact with Daikin

Reduce your environmental impact and your energy bills with an energy-efficient cooling, heating, or hot water system that uses renewable energy sources. Whether you’re looking for a fully sustainable, hybrid, or traditional solution, we offer a range of systems that cut your energy costs and benefit the environment.

The right energy source for your new home

Looking for the optimal cooling, heating, and hot water solution for your home and lifestyle?
Daikin offers a range of options to ensure the perfect fit.

  • Air-to-water heat pump low temperature

    Powered by air (75%), electricity (25%), and solar power (optional), Daikin’s air-to-water heat pump low temperature is the ideal solution for cooling, heating, and hot water in new homes and Green Buildings.

  • Air-to-Air Heat Pump

    Powered by air (80%) and electricity (20%), Daikin’s air-to-air heat pumps for cooling and heating are ideal for new homes, Green Buildings, and as a replacement for old electrical systems.

  • Ground Source Heat Pump

    Ground source heat pumps produce heating and hot water. They are powered by geothermal heat (80%) and electricity (20%) and are ideally suited for new homes and renovations where land is available.

  • Domestic hot water heat pumps

    Daikin domestic hot water heat pumps are the perfect replacement for electric hot water tanks. They are mainly powered by air and solar energy, and supported by electricity where needed.

  • Hot water heaters with solar support

    Hot water heaters with solar support are mainly powered by air and solar energy, and supported by electricity where needed. They are the ideal replacement for electric hot water tanks.

Need help?

Need Help?