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FLRN-E Series

Ceiling Convertible

Product Features

  • Ceiling and floor installation option
  • Automatic air swing
  • Flexible installation
  • Auto random start restart with last state memory
  • Better serviceability
  • Wireless handset


Energy Saving

Daikin offers efficient operation on its equipment for lower electricity consumption. This also contributes to reduce CO2 emissions.

Auto Random Restart

In case of sudden power failure, the unit will restart randomly, with previous settings. This will help preventing power surge after blackout


Zero ozone depletion potential for a reduced impact on the environment.

Long Air Flow

The airflow can reach long distances, for optimal cooling comfort even for large spaces.

Anti-Corrosion Protection

The hydrophilic gold fin coating will protect the condenser coil against corrosion, for a longer life span, even under corrosive environment, with cooling performance maintained optimal.

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Need Help?