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Cooling and domestic hot water: Enjoy greater comfort and save energy with the new Multi+ all-in-one heat pump

New from Daikin comes the latest innovation in heat pump technology for the home. The high efficiency Multi + heat pump combines room cooling and heating with domestic hot water in a single energy-saving system. 

A perfect match

Good for homeowners and the environment, the Multi+ heat pump uses state of-the-art technology to create a comfortable home all year round, while always ensuring a plentiful supply of hot water. Drawing on the external ambient air, Multi + saves energy and keeps running costs down. 

User-friendly controls with app-controlled access allows settings to be adjusted to fit around homeowners’ individual needs. 

Requiring minimal space, the Multi + is quick and easy to install, making it an ideal replacement option for Domestic Hot Water (DHW) systems where air conditioning is also a requirement.


Custom design at an affordable price

Offered with a choice of domestic hot water storage capacities of either 90 liters or 120 liters, the Multi+ heat pump can be connected to two or three air conditioners*, allowing the system to be extended according to household needs. A wide range of indoor units, with several award-winning designs, are available to meet aesthetic and room space requirements, including wall-mounted, floor-standing and concealed ceiling models.


Engineered for performance and choice

Programmable settings to allow users to schedule system operation around their own lifestyle without compromising on energy savings or home comfort.

DHW heating can be scheduled to run during the day when nobody’s home or early in the morning. The DHW tank is programmed to heat up the water to a preset value. Set point temperatures may be adjusted to either ECO (50˚C) or COMFORT (60˚C) according to personal choice. 

The system also features a weather-dependent setting, where the water temperature is determined automatically by the external temperature. If the outdoor temperature drops or rises, the unit compensates instantly without requiring user adjustment, which prevents sudden changes in the water temperature at tap points.


The Multi + allows homeowners to set priorities for air conditioning and DHW depending on preference. Space heating and DHW heating can be set to operate simultaneously for maximum comfort and efficiency. Where cooling is required, the previously heated DHW is used, providing cooling and hot water at the same time. The A/C priority setting ensures air conditioning stays active for maximum comfort.  Additional hot water will then be heated with the electric booster heater as required. Switching to DHW priority deactivates the air conditioning while reheating the water with the heat pump, saving on energy bills. Once the DHW operation is complete, the outdoor unit can be switched back to A/C operation.

The Multi + heat pump has been engineered to provide the highest standards of reliability and efficiency, incorporating several important innovative design features including an innovative fan design, with specially shaped fan blades that significantly reduce sound emissions and lower power consumption, concealed behind an elegant front grille. Additionally, its powerful high-efficiency swing compressor continuously adjusts the system’s cooling and heating output to maintain desired room temperatures.


Control in your hands

The Multi + heat pump’s user-friendly controls let homeowners configure the system the way they want it. The tank control panel, with an intuitive full-text display, makes it easy to optimise temperature and function settings. Daikin’s Onecta app, compatible with Amazon Alexa  and Google Assistant, allows scheduling, control and monitoring of individual air conditioning units and the domestic hot water system from anywhere, at home or away.


Forward thinking

Daikin are worldwide market leaders in delivering heat pump solutions for the home. 

Daikin’s decarbonization strategy, aimed at achieving Net Zero CO2 emissions by 2050, combines the use of low GWP refrigeration with the development of advanced technologies to deliver super-efficient systems while minimising environmental footprint.


Available from 1st April, the Multi+ is a clever idea for temperature regulation for homeowners wanting to conserve resources and save energy costs without compromising on home comfort.

For more information visit: Multiplus


*Note: FBA60-71 allows connection to a single unit only.



About Daikin Europe N.V.

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