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What is the biggest challenge facing your company in 2016?

Rapid growth in the HVAC innovative technologies and the consumer lifestyles in line with market growth of the construction activities has become a key challenge to Daikin. The HVAC market in GCC has also been witnessing the increasing use of energy-efficient HVAC systems. Standards regulated by regional regulators on MEPS requirement (minimum energy efficiency Slandered) forces Daikins on developing and enhancing our technology on new products frequently.

HVAC market in Middle East, GCC and Africa landscapes and its growth formulates a requirement on a wider expansion networks throughout the region.


What are the latest trends in your sector?

Energy Efficient models can help reduce at least 30% of the conventional AC Energy Consumption rates without scarifying on the expected comfort levels. Our aim is to continue the development of highly efficient models suitable for High Ambient Temperatures of this region. We have launched a new refrigerant R32 for residential products that will set a new milestone in Air Conditioning Sustainability for its low Global Warming Potential and Zero Ozone Depletion. IN the pipe line of Daikin’s innovations this refrigerant has been implemented in an inverter mini-split which is to be the greenest Air Conditioner in the market.

Development and new trend settings from the regional regulators such as ESMA, Daikin certified on EQM and ECAS. Having also the recognition from the region’s HVAC experts as Daikin wins the Best Chiller Manufacturer of the year award in a row 2014 and 2015 are milestones of our spreading presence in the region supplying the highest quality and the highest efficiency products.


How are you leading innovation and change in the industry?

The Technology and Innovation Center (TIC) aims to create new value based on the world's best technologies and highly differentiated products. People of diverse backgrounds gathered across national borders from inside and outside the company to consolidate their strengths and passion in making TIC a venue for the challenge of realizing collaborative innovation.

Creating New Value by Anticipating the Future Needs of Customers, Contributing to Society with World-Leading Technologies, Realizing Future Dreams by Maximizing Corporate Value, Thinking and Acting Globally, Being a Flexible and a Dynamic Group, being a Company that Leads in Applying Environmentally Friendly Practices, Setting philosophy on Our Relationship with Society in Mind, Take Action and Earn Society's Trust, Setting Each Employee’s Pride and Enthusiasm as the Driving Forces of Our Group, Being Recognized Worldwide by Optimally Managing the Organization and its Human Resources, under Our Fast & Flat Management System, An Atmosphere of Freedom, Boldness, and "Best Practice, Our Way" leads Daikin as to be the World number one air Conditioning Manufacturer.


What new products are you bringing to the market?

In 2015, more than 15 new products were introduced to this region, products specially developed to meet the High Ambient conditions of the Region, exceeding the minimum energy efficiency requirements set by regional regulators such as ESMA, Estidama, SASO, MEW, others.

Products Included: Flagship VRV IV, First GCC high Ambient R-32 Split system, New DX lineup: Split Wall, Ducts, Cassette, & Rooftops.

Daikin designs its air conditioning equipment to achieve the lowest cost of ownership which is the combination of the initial and the total operational cost which is mainly derived from the cost of Energy Consumptions and Maintenance.

Daikin is working towards developing numerous new models in 2016 that will reduce the life cycle costs of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Equipment, including Split units, VRV, Rooftops, Air Cooled Chillers and Centrifugal chillers used in District Cooling applications.


What is your biggest project?

All over the region, Daikin has successfully installed AC products in many iconic hotels, commercial buildings and residential compounds. In the UAE, The Louvre Abu Dhabi , HIDD Al Saadiyat Villas, the Emirates Towers, Al Raha Beach Hotel, and Qasr al Sarab, are part of the iconic hotel applications done. The AlBahar Towers in AD, Damac Heights, La Casa Community, and the American University of Sharjah, AlJalila Hospital, and the Jebel Ali Metro Station are all examples of Residential and Commercial applications. The Pedestrian bridges of Dubai Tram are our most recent installation in Dubai, along with the new Deira Fish market, and many more. The list of key installations done in this fast growing country goes on, but these are some prestigious key projects.


What is your biggest market?

Daikin Middle East and Africa handles business operations for all GCC, Middle East, Near East and Africa. Saudi & UAE remain the biggest 2 markets in GCC. Iran is to become a key market. Nigeria, North African Region & Egypt are our key areas in Africa.


Who is your regional business leader?

Starting January 2015, Mr Yuji Miyata was appointed Chairman of Daikin Middle East & Africa.


When was the company formed?

Daikin was established in 1924, headquartered in Osaka Japan. Daikin Middle East Office & Africa, started operations in 2006, headquartered in Dubai, UAE. UAE Facilities include: Branch in Abu Dhabi, Service & Training Center, Spare parts Center & AHU Factory.


How many staff do you employee in the Middle East?

Despite the economic crises that hit the GCC region during 2008-2009, Daikin Middle East had a belief in the importance and the potential of the region, and kept investing in increasing and strengthening the Manpower of the regional office in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Saudi Arabia. Only between 2008 & 2009, 70% increase in the manpower numbers, reaching today around 300 employees. 

Like everybody else, Daikin Middle East had to face the crisis situation starting in 2008, but we believed in the importance and the potential of the region, and kept investing to increase and strengthen our manpower and our presence in the region. Our performance has followed our investment in building a solid base for growth and contribution to the local markets. Since our establishment in 2006, the human resources have grown from a small team of 25 members to around 200 in 2014.


How many product lines you have?

Daikin sells a full range of products, covering all Residential, Commercial & Industrial applications. A Total Solution Provider having full range of Split systems, Air Purifications, Ventilations, Rooftops, VRV systems, Air Cooled & Water Cooled Chillers, Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Units & Modular Chiller Plants. Visit for more information.


What are projected 2015 revenues compared to 2014?

Having achieved 25% growth in 2014, compared to 2013, Daikin is aiming to have additional 30% growth in 2015. With its Global Number One Position, the Company is aiming at reaching a leading position and aiming at double digit growth for its 2015 Fiscal Year.


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