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Daikin to extend its cloud-based Daikin on Site services


Daikin has announced an expansion to its Daikin on Site (DoS) cloud-based remote monitoring and control system, with the introduction of the new Daikin on Site PARTNER service. The current PARTNER service will be renamed DoS PREMIUM, allowing customers to choose the option suitable for their needs. In addition, a new refrigerant leak detection feature is now available to DoS PREMIUM subscribers.

Digitalisation is transforming the way HVAC equipment is managed and maintained. Daikin’s DoS service provides a smart, remote monitoring solution that assists clients in optimising plant to maximise performance and customer comfort while delivering energy savings of up to 30%. Continuous monitoring allows maintenance issues to be flagged and resolved, cutting downtime and overall maintenance requirements

Choose the support you need

All new Daikin Chiller Units are supplied “DoS connection Ready.” Subscription and connection to the service is fast and easy.

Utilising enhanced control, monitoring and measuring technology and software, Daikin on Site provides real-time data gathering, uploaded by encrypted data transfer and stored securely in a data warehouse in the Cloud. Data analysis determines if your unit is operating optimally and whether maintenance is needed to improve its performance. 

From October 2021, users will be able to choose between two subscription options:


This service allows clients to keep and maintain control. In addition to receiving alarm notifications, the PARTNER service allows them to troubleshoot, remotely change settings and monitor the status of units in visual form, to include graphs and trends.


This service gives access to the full power of the DoS system while also providing access to additional tools and services designed to help improve energy efficiency and optimise plant operation through advanced energy performance and monitoring.

Remote support by Daikin Smart Centre and Service-Connected maintenance is also available where required.

Improved monitoring and control 

Every aspect of the Daikin on Site Service is designed to provide maximum control and convenience, delivering real-time information in an easy to view format. Extensive data, monitoring and analysis tools are available to assist with predictive maintenance, saving time and money, while keeping building users satisfied through ongoing system adjustment to ensure a comfortable indoor environment all year round.

Daikin’s iCM is integrated with DoS, with all status info, settings and graphics visible for each unit. Customisable dashboards and graphical displays give a clear visual check that equipment is operating to the correct values. Trending graphs facilitate the monitoring of capacities and temperatures to help fine tune plant control. Alarm notifications alert users or Daikin support teams of any unexpected events or via email. A dedicated alarm dashboard can be used for troubleshooting, with suggested remediation actions provided.

Raising the benchmark with continuous service improvements

A new refrigerant leak detection function is now available to DoS PREMIUM users, with activation included in the DoS subscription fee. A unique new software algorithm uses historical data to raise an alarm in the event of a potential leakage and to report on the frequency of occurrences over time. A new dedicated reporting area allows operators to view the information to assess whether action is required. The new algorithm detects even slow gas leakages from the last twelve months over an extended load range, starting at 33% of unit load compared to 50% for other applications on the market.

Also new to the DoS service is a dedicated dashboard, which provides Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) values and reports within the DoS subscription where a Daikin IEQ sensor is fitted. This allows users to monitor the IEQ in commercial and industrial buildings and helps to identify IEQ improvement activities.

Smart Future

Daikin has established a reputation as a leader in the development of smart control solutions from the outset. Specifically designed around European customer needs, the Daikin on Site Cloud services offer advanced technology, together with advice from Daikin experts, to assist customers in minimizing energy costs, optimising efficiency, and extending equipment use by avoiding wear through misuse.

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