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Wellbeing is a breath of fresh air

Working in silence to ensure your wellbeing – wherever you are


Wellbeing is a breath of fresh air


Wellbeing is a breath of fresh air

Indoor Air Quality, a Daikin experience


We redefine the wellbeing of your spaces thanks to a more conscious experience of the air around you.

Indoor Air Quality is a new point of view when it comes to the quality of your breathing.



Outdoor air

Air pollution in large cities is perceived with greater severity and is monitored daily.

Constantly monitored, if it gets worse, measures are taken to get the situation under control, for example by restricting traffic.

Daikin technology for Indoor Air Quality

Flash Streamer and regeneration cycle

Thanks to Daikin’s patented technology, the air is always clean. The substances captured are, in fact, decomposed by the high-speed electrons generated by the Flash Streamer. In this way, the filters are regenerated and maintain their filtering capacity over time.



The exceptional characteristic of Daikin units is that they are practically silent (reaching 19 dBA in Silent mode).

You can read, study and sleep without any background noise.


Coandă Effect

Technology that allows an optimised airflow that is well distributed throughout the environment, ensuring the perfect climate in every point of the room.

In this way, a uniform temperature is obtained naturally, avoiding annoying draughts.


Intelligent Thermal Sensor

Intelligent Thermal Sensor technology optimises the action of the air conditioner, detecting the presence of people and the temperature of the surfaces in the room, directing the flow of air into the areas to be heated or cooled.

The result: a uniform temperature throughout the room.

Daikin’s Indoor Air Quality products




Powerful purifying action

Triple action: Clash, capture, Cycle, the electron discharge cycle, and Clean, cleaning and regeneration of the filters. The purifier is ready to get back in action again without any loss of its purification abilities.

The humidifier version prevents mucous membranes from drying out, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, and leading to respiratory diseases, colds, the flu, and coughs.



Air Conditioners

Best technology for efficiency and comfort

The maximum energy efficiency class A +++ and the maximum efficiency in achieving perfect comfort: guaranteeing natural air distribution while avoiding direct currents and flows, the temperature is uniform in every corner of the room, all in total silence.



Fan Coil Units

We are changing the way you think about Outdoor and Indoor Air Quality

Breathing clean air is one of the joys of life and is certainly a major health benefit. Clean air delivered at the right humidity and in the right place is a perfect foundation for optimal comfort.

Daikin’s new technologies filter out particles, allergens and unpleasant odours to deliver clean air for you to breathe and in doing so, optimizing your comfort levels and reducing health risks.


Air Filtration Unit

The Daikin air filtration unit upholds our promise to provide cleaner and healthier indoor climates in homes, offices and commercial spaces around the world. 

Solutions for business


Solutions for business

Not only the air quality in our homes, but also that in the business environments we frequent every day.

Daikin offers all-round solutions designed for comfort in business environments: from mechanical ventilation with heat recovery to air conditioning, from IAQ monitoring to sanitation.

Need help?

Need Help?