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5 Ways You Can Cut Down On Your AC Costs

It is no surprise that UAE summers are really hot. Temperature can rise to 50-degree centigrade; it’s all humid and sweaty. Only an AC can rescue us from such sweltering heat. But staying cool comes with an expense. The cool breeze coming from your AC may seem priceless when the air outside feels like a hot blanket. However, the non-stop energy usage and electricity consumption can soar up your bills.

If you are looking for solutions on how to slash the bill without compromising on your comfort, then you are surely in the right place. We have rounded up some ways that will help you in beating the heat without burning much money.

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1. Choose Wisely

The first and the very basic rule for cutting down your bills is to start with a more economical purchase. Don’t get tempted to buy a huge AC unnecessarily or to go with the low-price temptation! You should go for an AC that consumes less electricity in the first place. Here comes the importance of the highly efficient inverter systems. This will help in cutting down future financial outlays. It may seem expensive at the beginning, but it is a money saver in the long run. How about you contact Daikin experts for buying the best fit for your home?

Choose Wisely | Daikin UAE
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2. Turn off the AC when you leave the house!

It is blatantly obvious that still most of us forget to switch off the air conditioner when we don’t need it. So, make it a rule to religiously turn the AC off when leaving for office or school. So simple; yet effective! You can also buy smart ACs from Daikin that are equipped with a motion detection sensor that helps to reduce power consumption when the room is empty.

During nighttime, you can use your AC more sensibly such as increasing the temperature when you are asleep can save 10% on the bill, Use of Sleep Mode! Also, you must shut the doors when the AC is switched on so that the cool air does not escape. This way the room will stay cool for a longer duration.

3. A fan will save your Day!

Yes, that’s right, a fan can make you feel five or six degrees cooler! So, the science behind it is called the “wind-chill effect”. A fan won’t cool the place, but it can increase the “cooling-effect” of your AC. It can help in dispersing the cool air, so you can raise the thermostat by 4 degrees without any discomfort. Also, moving air will keep off sweat at bay, so switch off your AC once your room is cool enough and then run the fan.

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4. Keep your AC in check!

One of the biggest reasons for slower AC and high electricity bills is faulty parts or the absence of regular cleaning or maintenance. When a part of the AC starts malfunctioning, usually it consumes more power to work. Therefore, it is necessary to get your AC serviced regularly. Make sure the filters are clean, the condenser works properly, and the thermostat is set at the right temperature. You can contact experts at Daikin for maintenance.

5. More shade means less bill

Do you know 76% of the heat in your house is due to the sunlight as per Energy.Gov? So, if you are trying to cool your home in this harsh summer, then you ought to block out all the solar heat coming in. So, how can you do it? Firstly, use drapes, curtains, and blinds to stop direct sunlight from entering your house. Secondly, you can make use of window films. Another effective method to keep off heat is by planting trees around your house. The shade will ease out the excessive heat. Alternatively, you can place plants within your home and breathe in some clean air. Moreover, try to keep those heat emitting appliances such as microwaves, dryers, etc. away from your AC.

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