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The Prince Sultan University - Creating comfort for administration buildings

The Prince Sultan University project, shows how Daikin constantly succeeds in providing comfort cooling even in the harshest environments

Project specifics


Total Cooling Capacity: 1854 kW

Comfort cooling for administration buildings in the Prince Sultan project

For this project we got the chance to meet Mr Ahmed Ibrahim, Project Manager from Energy House Contracting Company. He has been working on the Prince Sultan University project, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He was kind enough to give us some details about this HVAC project and describes how Daikin managed to provide value for the project itself.

Client feedback

“This project aims at providing cooling for a 3000 m² administration building. Of course, efficiency and reliability are very important aspects and we are very satisfied with what Daikin is providing. Since this project is going to be executed in one of the highest temperatures in the gulf, we needed that could perform in such conditions. Also, because the building doesn’t allow roof top installation, we will have to install the equipment on the basement level. But with Daikin we came up with a solution that will allow us to use the space we have and still get the performance we expect out of the chillers. Like I said, we will have to install the units on the basement level, but we have decided to lift them from the ground, so condenser fans will be above the ground and will work as efficiently as expected.

About Daikin technology

[…] When Daikin introduced us their technology, the features their units offer really surprised us. In fact, the way their single screw compressors perform really caught our attention. Also, the sound levels and the efficiency levels provided by these chillers positively surprised. While we were going through all these aspects we found out Daikin was the best solution for us.”

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