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Residential ventilation

Find out more about why ventilation is important and what CHRV solutions for residential buildings we offer. 

Residential ventilation


Ventilation is all about allowing a house to breath. It is useful for allowing fresh, healthy outdoor air to come inside. Ventilation takes place through the action of dedicated devices which act like actual lungs.

  • Did you know that fresh air is different than cool air? Indeed, cool air refers to air at low temperature, while fresh air means that the air is more pure, coming from outside of the house.
  • To guarantee the health of its inhabitants and of the house itself, it is critical that the indoor air is renewed (removing contaminants and letting outdoor fresh air in).
  • Indoor air can be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air.
  • At Daikin, in partnership with DUCO, we provide double flow ventilation (also known as CHRV - Centralized Heat Recovery Ventilation) to be able to offer a full solution for residential applications.

Why is it essential to properly ventilate?

Every day we breath in 15.000 litres, roughly 15 kg, of air. The air we breath can be damaged by pollutants. Ventilation is therefore essential to keep under control the amount of impurities inside our buildings.


Prevent that CO2 levels become too high

People spend 90% of their time indoors, but did you know that indoor air can be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air? 

Following the latest building regulations and because we are looking for an optimized energy efficiency, our homes have become tighter and tighter. If your ventilation is not organized correctly this can directly affect the health of the inhabitants. If the CO2 levels become too high (>1200 ppm) this will result in headaches, fatigues and concentration issues.

Keep your humidity level under control

The second main decision factor for getting a good ventilation system is for keeping your humidity level under control. This needs to stay between 30% and 70% for it to not have immediate negative effects. Such target can be achieved thanks to a proper ventilation system. 

What happens if your humidity levels are too high or too low?

If humidity levels are above 70% you run the risk of:

Illustration about the average concentration of CO2.



  • Growing mold and bacteria





  • Stuffy conditions



  • Overall discomfort

If humidity levels are below 30% you run the risk of:

Illustration about the relative humidity.


  • Catching a cold or infection



  • Dry and itchy skin



  • Damaging your house’s wood, siding, or paint

CHRV Technology Concept

Concept Of 'Centralized Heat Recovery Ventilation' (CHRV)

Illustration that shows the 2 zone ventilation system

2-Zone Ventilation System

  • An automated detection of when to ventilate, where to ventilate (day-zone or night-zone) and how much to ventilate is available thanks to CO2 and humidity sensors that closely monitor the occupant’s presence and activity.

  • The 2-zones concept allows to reach the highest energy reduction, an A+ energy label and much quieter operation (especially at night). This is achieved by controlling both zones (day and night) separately with a built-in patented valve, substantially reducing consumption by the EC fans.

Main Advantages of CHRV Technology

Energy Efficiency

  • Fresh air passes through heat exchanger before being supplied
  • Bypass for free-cooling capacity
  • Possibility of 2-zones control system

Indoor Air Quality

  • High capacity of filtration
  • CO2 / Humidity sensors




DUCO unit


  • Allows the return air to pass most of its heat to the incoming fresh air in winter time avoiding the sensation of “cold draft”
  • Possibility to pre-heat the fresh air in winter time


One-stop-shop for your end-to-end ventilation solution

Complete range of Centralized Heat Recovery Ventilation (CHRV) units, ducts & accessories.

Smart demand control

The room is only ventilated when necessary and in the correct amount. CO2 concentration and air humidity are used as indicators. This helps avoiding unnecessary heat loss while guaranteeing an optimal indoor climate.

The quietest system

A comfortable indoor climate is created by extremely quiet ventilation systems. DUCO excels in acoustics in its supply air.


Minimised duct system

Residential units often lack technical rooms, making it difficult to implement a system that requires a lot of ducts. Thanks to air supply control (the so-called DucoTronic System), DUCO is able to minimise the amount of piping.

Care-free installation

DUCO puts together the best features and devices to ensure the ultimate care-free installation: automatic configuration, RF or wired communication, preprogrammed connection with Niko Home Control, Q-bus or ModBus...

Only at Daikin

A woman relaxing on the couch

Thanks to DUCO, Daikin offers Centralized HRV systems with an integrated 2-zone valve. With the 2-zone version of the DucoBox Energy Premium, Daikin’s product range is extended to a unique ventilation system with embedded 2-zone control. If a certain area of your house does not require ventilation, that area is not ventilated. Cost savings on heating, lower consumption and noise comfort of the unit itself (lower rpm) are the logical consequences.

Sensors meticulously detect the residents’ movements throughout the home. This makes it possible to automatically determine where, when and in what amount ventilation is required.

  • Quietest ventilation system on the market on the supply side

  • Automatic configuration

The double-flow “DucoBox Energy” range

DucoBox Energy Comfort

  • Double-flow mechanically controlled ventilation units with heat recovery via the air extract.
  • High efficiency thanks to a high-performance heat exchanger.
  • Filtered (enhanced IAQ) air intake.

Specific advantages of the COMFORT

  • Compact and lightweight: starting from 21 kg.
  • Left <-> right interchangeability without physical intervention on the machine to fit your home.
  • Air flow rate available upto 400 m3/h
  • Copy-paste function for roll-out construction (housing development).


DucoBox Energy Premium

Specific advantages of the PREMIUM

  • Unparalleled acoustic performance: the quietest ventilation system on the market on the supply side (gain of 6 dBA to 11 dBA).
  • 2-zone regulation as an option (integrated control valve).
  • Maximum energy efficiency.






DucoBox Energy Comfort Plus

Specific advantages of the COMFORT PLUS

  • Comes with even more silent ventilation, with air flow possible up to 550 m3/h.
  • Metallic casing to ensure optimal sound level.
  • Left <-> right interchangeability without physical intervention on the machine to fit your home.
  • Copy-paste function for roll-out construction (housing development).
  • Enhanced flexibility thanks to external add-ins such as external preheater and external multi-zone valve.





Ducobox Energy Comfort Plus

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