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VRV 5 Heat Recovery

Purpose-built to support the decarbonisation of commercial buildings

We’re on a mission to build a sustainable legacy

It’s in our DNA to provide safe, healthy and comfortable spaces throughout the building life cycle with world-leading technology.

Driven by our dedication to achieve net zero CO2 emissions by 2050, we work together with our partners and customers in helping to create a world with healthier indoor air and minimal environmental impact.

Join us now in building a sustainable legacy.


Shîrudo technology


Our flexible heat pump technology can be easily adapted to fit any building, anywhere.

  • Unmatched outdoor unit capacity up to 90kW in heating (28 HP)
  • Piping lengths and heights to meet any VRV application
  • Boxed solution with piping sizes smaller then ever before, which can easily be integrated in new and existing buildings
  • Quiet operation via 5 low sound steps, bringing sound pressure down to 40 dB(A)
  • Completely redesigned BS boxes for faster installation and easier servicing

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Shîrudo Technology

Thanks to Shîrudo Technology, the VRV 5 system is very versatile to control the indoor climate of any room.

  • Peace of mind as Daikin ensures compliance to the IEC product standard
  • Factory-integrated refrigerant control measures make the VRV 5 quick and flexible to design without the need for complex and time consuming calculations
  • Third party CB certified by a notified body (SGS CEBEC)

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Shîrudo technology
Shîrudo technology


Smarter and more efficient than ever, VRV 5 technology makes great strides in decarbonising buildings by reducing it’s direct and indirect CO2 equivalent impact.

  • Maximising operational efficiency in real life conditions with ηs,c up to 298.3% 
  • Specifically built for lower GWP refrigerant R-32, reducing global warming impact of the refrigerant with 71% compared to R-410A and is easy to reuse and recycle
  • 3-pipe heat recovery recovering and recirculating heat

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Cutting edge technology and smart energy management provides comfort with accurate control.

  • Simultaneous cooling and heating lets guests and tenants control their personal comfort
  • Widest range of specifically design indoor units to match any interior space or design
  • Plug & play with Daikin’s mini BMS: Intelligent Touch Manager – a smart energy management system offering real time data for full control of your energy use, integrating third party devices

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Shîrudo technology
Shîrudo technology


You’ll have access to a wide network of experts with specialised advice from planning to installation and maintenance.

  • Maximise your BREAAM/LEAD score with expert support from design to execution Find out more
  • Our online support software with visual floorplan interface makes design easy and ensures compliance with product standards Access Xpress now

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Shîrudo technology

Completely redesigned for faster installation and easier servicing

  • Faster installation thanks to Refrigerant Flow Through reducing the number of brazing points and joint kits
  • Easy servicing in false ceillings thanks to sliding down PCB
  • Limited ceiling void required as the box can be installed at just 5mm from the ceiling



Daikin 3-pipe heat recovery

Our 3-pipe heat recovery systems allow simultaneous cooling and heating by transferring heat from areas that require cooling to areas in need of warmth.


Daikin 3-pipe technology needs less energy to recover heat, meaning significantly higher efficiency during heat recovery mode. Our system can recover heat at a low condensing temperature because it has dedicated gas, liquid and discharge pipes.


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Advantages of R-32

R-32 refrigerant has a lower Global Warming Potential and higher efficiency compared to R-410A, making it the most effective sustainable solution for VRF systems today.

  • Lower Global Warming Potential (GWP): only 1/3rd of R-410A
  • Lower refrigerant charge: 15% less compared to R-410A
  • Higher energy efficiency, greatly reducing the indirect CO2 eq. impact
  • Single component refrigerant, easy to handle and recycle.
  • A 71% reduction in potential global warming impact from the refrigerant

Advantages of VRV

VRV systems offer commercial buildings maximum flexibility and peace of mind thanks to the benefits direct expansion (DX) systems have to offer:

  • More responsive: Immediate reaction to changing conditions helps avoid overheating
  • Highly efficient: Only 2 energy transfer steps are needed (from air to refrigerant, and from refrigerant to air)
  • Quick and easy to install: All-in-one box solution without any requirement for field supplied equipment (gauges, pumps, valves, etc.)
  • Limited space requirements: All components are integrated, and refrigerant piping is compact.

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