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Wall mounted gas condensing boilers

Engineered with innovative condensing technology to provide efficient and reliable heating and hot water.

Why choose a Daikin gas condensing boiler?

Daikin’s gas condensing boilers are the best option for individuals planning to replace an existing boiler with a more energy efficient and cost-saving alternative. Our range of wall mounted boilers provide end users with the best in comfort, energy efficiency and reliability.

reliable performance boiler

Reliable performance

  • High modulation adapts the burner power to attain high performance levels
  • Connection to Daikin Online Controller
  • Daikin Eye monitors the performance of the combi boiler
solar energy

Energy efficiency

  • Use solar power connection to increase renewable energy, (available for both the combi boiler and heating only boiler)
  • Gas-adaptive combustion system (Lambda Gx) lowers energy costs by efficiently regulating the combustion of air to water

Easy installation and service

  • All parts are accessible from the front
  • IPX5D standard and compact dimensions allow the gas condensing boiler to be installed in various rooms, e.g. kitchen, bathroom, cupboards, etc.
stylish design

Unique design

  • Stylish interface appeals to all end users
  • State-of-the-art technology meets user-friendly design

High modulation rate

The automatic modulation rate adjusts the burner power to ensure the seamless and continuous operation of your gas condensing boiler. The smooth operation of the system means increased comfort, a lower risk for system failure and the ability to neutralise harmful substances from emissions that may occur during ignition.

High modulation rate

Gas condensing technology

How it works

gas condensing technology

93% Efficiency

Conventional combi boilers: water vapour is discharged through the flue in vaporising phase and latent heat within the water vapour is ignored.

109% Efficiency

Gas condensing combi boilers: the flue gas collides with influent water before being discharged. Due to this occurrence, latent heat within the water vapour is then released.

  • Premix Technology delivers high efficiency combustion by using a modulation fan to perfectly mix combustion air and fuel before it reaches the burner (air/gas mixer).
  • With the combustion of 1m3 natural gas, 1.7 kg of water vapour is released into the flue gas as latent heat. Instead of being disposed through the flue, the water vapour containing latent heat is recirculated and then reheated by a uniquely designed exchanger.
  • Condensation forms as a result of the water vapour being cooled to a temperature just below dew point, and then drained via a siphon. The condensing technology uses fuel efficiently to ensure high cost savings and sustainable operation with reduced emissions.

Lambda Gx, automatic gas adaption system

The Lambda Gx control system creates the perfect combination of air and gas to attain high energy savings.

Lambda Gx, automatic gas adaption system
  • The system controls the amount of air and gas independently based on the flame quality (ionisation current).
  • Any fluctuation in the air and gas balance, (due to either outside air temperature or natural gas quality), can be detected by an ionisation current and electronically corrected.
  • To achieve an efficient combustion process, gas is gradually released into the mixture until the ideal ratio between gas and air is attained. This function extends the service life of the device and reduces the emission of harmful gases into the environment.

Daikin Online Controller

The Daikin Online Controller application can control and monitor the status of your gas condensing boiler and allows you to:

  • Monitor

    • The status of your heating system
    • The power consumption
    • Energy consumption graphs
  • Schedule

    • The set temperature and operation mode with up to 6 actions per day for 7 days
    • Holiday mode
    • Intuitive mode
  • Control

    • The operation mode and set temperature
    • Remotely control your system and domestic hot water
    • Third-party products and services integration with IFTTT
Gas condensing boiler iF Design Award

Award-winning design

The wall mounted gas condensing boiler earned an IF design award and Reddot Product Design Award for its innovative design. These awards represent two of the most prestigious and largest design competitions in the world.


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