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DZ Chiller Series

Centrifugal Oil Free water cooled inverter chiller

Why choose

DZ chiller series?

Magnetic bearing technology

Frictionless magnetic bearings

Industry leading part load efficiency

Matched with highly efficient heat exchangers

Application flexibility

High condensing and low condensing operation

Single compressor

From 320 kW up to 742 kW on
R-134a platform

From 227 kW up to 478 kW on
R-1234ze(E) platform

R-134a platform

Dual compressor

From 610 kW up to 1478 kW on
R-134a platform

From 429 kW up to 945 on
R-1234ze(E) platform

R-1234ze(E) platform

Triple compressor

From 1038 kW up to 2173 kW on
R-134a platform

From 741 kW up to 1417 kW on
R-1234ze(E) platform

R-134a platform
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Magnetic Bearing Technology

Fitted with centrifugal compressors utilizing frictionless magnetic bearings for oil-free operation, integrated variable-frequency drives, and high-speed direct drive technology


Industry leading part load efficiency

The high efficiency compressor is matched with highly efficient heat exchangers to make an impressive chiller


Increased reliability

The frictionless magnetic bearing design needs no oil management system, resulting in increased reliability and reduced maintenance


Green building design

Developed to achieve maximum efficiency and is future-proofed to comply with existing design and regulatory standards as well as longer-term EU energy goals


Application flexibility

The DZ Series includes models suitable for both high condensing operation (Dry Cooler application) and low condensing operation (Cooling Tower applications)


Designed for compactness

Footprint reduced to the minimum levels thanks to a unique design with stacked heat exchangers

Hot Gas Bypass (HGBP)

The hot gas bypass reduces compressor cycling in order to stabilize the chilled water temperature at very low loads. HGBP feeds discharge gas directly into the evaporator when the system load falls below 10% compressor capacity. This hot gas provides a stable refrigerant flow and keeps the chiller from short cycling under reduced load conditions combined with high lift. It also reduces surge potential on heat pump mode units.

Heat Pump Version

The Heat Pump Version includes Pursuit Mode, which allows reversibility on the water side. A dedicated switch installed on the unit's electrical panel enables a user to choose between cooling or heating mode. If the user chooses a communication card, then the BMS can manage the cooling and heating modes. The unit includes HGBP and an additional 20 mm of insulation.

Option flexibility

Wide range of options, such as the Rapid Re-Start, allowing the unit to restart after a power failure within 26 seconds following power restoration, an automatic transfer switch to backup generator. Comprehensive solution for data centers applications.

Low noise solution with dedicated Compressor sound proof cabinet to ensure outstanding flexibility to match any specific application.


Enabled for operation via the Daikin on Site platform The DZ can be monitored remotely, allowing the system to be accessed with one click, for system optimization and preventative maintenance.

Enabled for operation with an App specifically designed to operate on the unit by remote smart device (tablet, smartphone, PC). App is characterized by and easy-to-access data, and it allows an effective graphical representation of the main data and displaying the unit operating parameters.

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