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Enjoy quiet comfort all year round.

Discreet cooling and heating

Enjoy your perfect climate with the outstanding performance and quiet operation of the Daikin Sensira wall-mounted unit.

Value for money

Sensira offers exceptional value for money while reducing your environmental impact - and your energy bill.

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Optimal comfort

Enjoy optimal comfort at home with Sensira’s turbo mode and quiet operation.

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Reliable performance

Our innovative technology delivers efficient performance and reliable operation.

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Smart climate control

Easily manage Sensira with the infrared remote, app, Alexa, or Google Home.

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About Sensira


Efficiency meets comfort

Enjoy a comfortable environment without compromising on energy efficiency. Choosing the Sensira R-32 reduces your environmental impact by 68% compared to R-410A models, as well as lowering your energy consumption - and energy bills.

Decibel chart with real life comparison.

Discreet design

With its stylish look and quiet operation, the Sensira fits perfectly in your interior - and lifestyle. Plus, thanks to the turbo mode you can quickly heat up or cool down a room for maximum comfort.

Reliable technology

Sensira offers exceptional value for money while ensuring the seamless operation of your cooling and heating system. The unit is equipped with a number of energy-efficient technologies that automatically adjust the power to consume less energy and reduce noise levels.



Smart climate control

Sensira offers different ways to manage your home environment. Control the unit using the infrared remote control, the Daikin Residential Controller app on your smartphone, or voice controls via Alexa or Google Home.

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