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Gift of air cleaners for the Children's and Nursery Schools of Kaisariani.

Brussels, 25 July 2022 – On Friday 17 June, the Mayor of Kaisariani Christos Voskopoulos and the Deputy Mayor of Preschool Education and Kindergartens Angeliki Gavrilis, received on behalf of the Municipality of Kaisariani 15 Air Purifiers MC55W Daikin that will be supplied to the Kindergartens and Nursery Schools of the city.


The air purifiers provide clean air free of germs, which is extremely important especially for preschool children.

They improve indoor air quality by removing airborne particles such as viruses, bacteria and pollutants while reducing asthma and allergy symptoms by cleaning the air from dust and pollen particles.

Their effectiveness against coronavirus is proven, as tests by the Pasteur Institute found that they eliminate more than 99.98% of the human coronavirus HCoV-229E in 2.5 minutes and were rated as 99.93% effective against the H1N1 virus, which causes common flu, in 2.5 minutes.

The sponsorship was implemented by Daikin Hellas' Sustainability Team as part of its actions of giving back to society and supporting sustainability.

The company responded immediately to the request made by our Municipality, demonstrating its social face and supporting the work of the Municipality of Kaisariani.

The handover, which took place on Friday 17 June, took place in the presence of Daikin Hellas CEO, Christina Antoniou, who said: "Sustainable development and giving back to society have been strategic objectives of Daikin throughout time.

In this context, our company proceeds with the donation of Daikin MC55W air purifiers to nurseries of the Municipality of Kaisariani, demonstrating once again in practice both its social face and its commitment to achieving sustainability.

We continue our work dynamically to create sustainable cities and to tackle climate change in general".

Christos Voskopoulos on receiving the Air Purifiers stated: "Since the beginning of our term of office we have fought to get all the children into the Children's Centres.

The hygiene of our children and the conditions of their stay in the Centres is our primary concern.

We thank Daikin Hellas for its contribution and hope that other companies and organisations will follow its example."


About Daikin

Air is essential to our existence. It has always been Daikin’s mission to make the air we breathe and live in the best possible. Our innovative products and solutions are designed to improve people’s health and well-being and reduce the environmental impact of heating and cooling. By 2050 Daikin aims to be carbon neutral throughout the full value chain and the full life cycle of its products and solutions.

Daikin Europe N.V.

Daikin Europe N.V. is a subsidiary of Daikin Industries Ltd. and the leading provider of heating, cooling, ventilation, air purification and refrigeration technology. The company designs, manufactures and brings to market a broad portfolio of equipment, as well as tailored-made solutions for residential, commercial and industrial purposes in Europe, Middle East and Africa. To date Daikin Europe N.V. has over 12 000 employees across more than 65 entities. It has 12 major manufacturing facilities based in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Austria and the UK. The headquarters of the Daikin Europe Group are in Belgium, Ostend. The company was established in 1972, production in Europe started in 1973.

Total Solution provider for heating, cooling, ventilation and refrigeration

Daikin Europe can rely on a strong network of installers and partners across its regions thanks to nearly 50 years of innovative and energy efficient air conditioning systems business development.

To date, Daikin Europe is also market leader for Heat Pumps in Europe and well known for the Daikin Altherma hydronic heat pumps for private heating applications, which it pioneered in 2006. With high demand for low carbon heating in Europe, these heat pumps are made in the Belgian, Czech and German factories in Europe.

In recent years, Daikin Europe has added total solutions for the cold chain to its lines of business. Next to own refrigeration innovations, the company expanded its portfolio and network through several acquisitions.  In 2016 Daikin Europe N.V. acquired Zanotti, Italian manufacturer of industrial and transport refrigeration. In 2017, Hubbard (UK) was integrated into the group, shortly followed by Tewis Smart Systems (Spain). The most recent acquisition to reinforce the full line up for retail cold chain was the global refrigeration group AHT Cooling Systems GmbH, headquartered in Austria.

Daikin Industries Ltd.

Daikin Industries Ltd. based in Osaka, Japan, employs around 89,000 people worldwide and achieved sales of € 23.7 billion in financial year 2021 (1 April 21 – 31 March 22). The company is the global market leader for heat pump and air conditioning systems, as well as air filtration. Daikin Industries Ltd. is the only air conditioning manufacturer in the world that develops and produces all important components such as refrigerants, compressors and electronics in-house.

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