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"Fit for 55 package": an action plan that fits perfectly with Daikin's renewable heating operations


Brussels, 15th of July 2021 - A greener Europe is one step closer. After having developed a strategy for a more sustainable Europe through the Green Deal, the European Union launches its implementation through the “Fit for 55” package. As one of the world’s largest CO2 markets, the EU’s ‘Fit for 55’ package aims to set the EU on course to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 and try to hit net zero emissions by 2050. As the market leader in heat pumps, Daikin, who has committed to becoming a carbon-neutral company globally by 2050, not only supports this package, it has also anticipated it through the disclosure of a 4 steps guide to make it successful and help decarbonize the heating sector. The "Fit for 55 package" is completely in line with this guide and shares the same objective: to make Europe greener, practically.


What is Fit for 55?

Announced on July 14 2021, “Fit for 55” is the European Commission’s ambitious plan to put the decarbonization strategy into practice and set the EU on course to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030.The directive maintains that a policy targeting higher energy efficiency and a switch from fossil-based heat supply to renewable sources is imperative.

Wide-ranging in scope, the Green Deal encompasses renewables, energy efficiency first, energy performance of buildings, land use, energy taxation, effort sharing and emissions trading. Heat pump technology will be instrumental in decarbonizing European homes as a viable option for new buildings and a replacement for fossil fuel boilers. To meet the new Green Geal’s objectives, Daikin has unveiled a 4-step guide to decarbonize homes and help ensure Europeans are trailblazers in climate action.


Patrick Crombez, General Manager Heating and Renewables at Daikin: “We welcome this "Fit for 55 package" with great enthusiasm. It allows the vision of the Green Deal to be clearly put into practice. With this breakthrough, Daikin sees its mission to make heat pumps accessible to all households strengthened."


A perfect match

Fit for 55’s four objectives for the heat pump market and the 4 steps guide are logically interconnected. The package’s objective 3, which aims to guide citizens to efficient and renewable heating and cooling solutions for their buildings, is a direct continuation of the first step of the Daikin Guide which commits to enhanced new build rules on energy use. Moreover, increasing the "replacement rate" that is so important for the heating sector to be able to achieve decarbonization targets is also reflected in the Fit for 55 package. The first objectives of the package tend towards incentivizing fossil fuel switching and encourage technologies that are both efficient and renewable and thus unlock the full potential of heat pump technologies.

Finally, the last steps of Daikin’s guide correspond to the last objectives of the European package: ending fossil fuel incentives by reviewing energy pricing which will also help to make renewable heating standard in replacement. “The match between our 4-step guide and the new European package is perfect. This shows that beyond commitments and fine words, Daikin is fighting on the ground every day to improve the quality of life of its citizens while preserving the planet. We will continue to guide citizens and support heating installers, alongside the European Union, on the ground towards more sustainable heating solutions” concludes Patrick Crombez.

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