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Daikin publishes its policy and comprehensive actions on the Environmental Impact of Refrigerants (Japan)

February 2016

Daikin Industries Ltd. Launched a new global publication explaining its policy and actions related to the environmental impact of refrigerants.

While Daikin is known as the first manufacturer to launch residential and commercial air conditioners / heat pumps using the refrigerant HFC-32, this publication takes a much wider focus. It explains Daikin's general considerations for making a refrigerant choice, and the refrigerant direction for the whole Daikin portfolio, including VRV, Applied and Refrigeration products. The publication also explains the role of the company and its stakeholders to reduce the environmental impact during the entire refrigerant and equipment lifecycle.

Daikin has a long history of continually reducing the environmental impact of cooling, heating and refrigeration products, as well as having a unique expertise that comes from manufacturing both equipment and refrigerants. This is a result of the company's corporate philosophy to "Be a Company that Leads in Applying Environmentally Friendly Practices".

Regarding refrigerant choice, Daikin has expertise in using fluorinated (HFC, HFO) as well as non- fluorinated gases (Ammonia, CO2, hydrocarbons), because the company believes in diversity of refrigerant choice to allow the best suited option to be used in each application. Taking a comprehensive approach, Daikin evaluates four basic factors when making a refrigerant choice: safety, environmental impact, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This publication explains in more detail what this entails, and gives some practical examples from the Daikin product portfolio.

With this publication, the Daikin global group intends to share its views regarding the future of refrigerant choice with customers, business partners and policy makers of countries.

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