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Daikin Europe on REPowerEU: Another trigger to speed up EU decarbonization goals

Brussels, 8 April 2022 – Daikin Europe, a global HVAC leader, has expressed its support for the recently launched REPowerEU plan. The plan seeks to reduce the use of fossil fuels faster by increasing the use of renewable energy, amongst others. Daikin Europe also showed its support in the past for the EU Green Deal and the Fit for 55 package, and REPowerEU wants to speed up the process of decarbonizing Europe. The REPowerEU plan is another trigger needed to quicken the replacement rate of heat pumps and the achievement of EU decarbonization goals, in line with what Daikin already proposed in its four-step guide.


Daikin supports the REPowerEU plan

Daikin Europe expresses its support for the recently launched REPowerEU plan.  REPowerEU is a joint European action for more affordable, secure, and sustainable energy. One of the aims of REPowerEU is to reduce the use of fossil fuels faster by boosting energy efficiency and increasing the share of renewables and electrification. According to Daikin Europe, renewable technologies, like heat pumps, will play a central role in enrolling the REPowerEU plan, decarbonizing the EU and creating job opportunities.

Daikin has also shown support in the past for the EU Green Deal and Fit for 55. With REPowerEU, the European Commission has now set out this goal to boost the roll-out of heat pumps: 10 million newly installed by 2027 and 30 million by 2030. That proposal is fully in line with what Daikin has proposed in their four-step guide to decarbonize European homes: the replacement rate of outdated heating systems should double. The REPowerEU initiative is the perfect catalyzer to accelerate the realization of that replacement rate increase. This will ultimately lead to achieving EU decarbonization goals.


Heat pumps will play a central role in decarbonizing Europe

Europe has the technology, the expertise, and the investments to expand the installment of heat pumps throughout the continent. Heat pumps today are ready and fit for all kinds of buildings. To support that, EU Member States should end incentives for non-renewable heating systems.

Further incentives for renewable energy technologies motivate people to get these carbon-neutral and fossil fuel independent heating in the short term, and in the longer term it is important that energy prices are sufficiently balanced. This way, heat pumps will be a more attractive option for end-users, even without incentives.

Patrick Crombez, General Manager Heating & Renewables at Daikin Europe: All of these aspects are why, at Daikin, we welcome the REPowerEU plan with great enthusiasm. We expect the plan to accelerate and reinforce the replacement rate of outdated heating systems. Renewable heating should not only become a standard in new build, but also in replacement. With the help of REPowerEU, Daikin is convinced Europe can get residential heat decarbonized by 2050.”

Discover more about Daikin’s four-step guide to decarbonizing Europe (Step 1: Strengthen new build rules on energy use / Step 2: Increase the replacement rate / Step 3: End fossil fuel incentives / Step 4: Make renewable heating standard in replacement):

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