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Which Evaporator Pressure Regulators (EPRs) can be used with R410A?

The EPRs used for refrigeration must meet the following conditions.

  1. PS ≥ 25 bar
  2. No bypass is required for oil recovering
  3. EPR can be used when connecting to 100% of the refrigerators/evaporators like for example to protect the goods from the winter function
  4. Minimum capacity ratio of 50%
  5. When using an EPR the total load of the system must always be minimum 2 kW
  6. There are no limitations on the number of EPRs used

When several ZEAS units are used in a project, please group all the refrigerators or evaporators with the same requested evaporation temperature to the same Zeas unit. This to optimize the efficiency of the refrigeration system.

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