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What is meant by the terms COP and EER?

The terms COP (coefficient of performance) and EER (energy efficiency ratio) describe the heating and cooling efficiency of air conditioners. They indicate the ratio of heating or cooling provided by a unit relative to the amount of electrical input required to generate it. Thus, if an air conditioner generates 5kW of heat from a 1kW electrical input, its COP is said to be 5.0. Similarly, if an air conditioner generates 5kW of cooling from a 1kW electrical input its EER is also said to be 5.0. The higher the COP and EER, the more energy efficient is the equipment. 

Daikin is a certified member of EUROVENT – a prestigious international organisation of manufacturers, committed to improving the standards of air conditioning throughout the European market. To support this, EUROVENT members’ products are subject to rigorous testing in independent laboratories. Participation by Daikin in the testing scheme is the customer’s guarantee that COP and EER values quoted for its products are both accurate and unambiguous.

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