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What is inverter technology?

The inverter technology is integrated in the outdoor unit. The inverter technology can be compared to the technology in a car: " The harder you push your accelerator, the faster you go."

An inverter unit will gradually increase its capacity based on the capacity needed in the room to cool down or heat up the room. The non-inverter can be compared with switching on or off a lamp. Switching on this type of unit will start to run on full load.

Advantages of the inverter technology:

  • You reach much faster the comfort temperature you want
  • The start-up time is reduced by 1/3
  • You save a lot of energy and also money : 30% less power consumption
  • Avoids cycling of the compressor meaning that there are no voltage peaks
  • The energy consumption cost is reduced by 1/3 (compared to normal on/off units)
  • No temperature fluctuations  

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