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What about legionella?

The legionella bacteria is a natural inhabitant of water. Temperature is of great importance for the growth of legionella. Especially temperatures between 40°C and 50°C may lead to colonization of the bacteria. 

As Daikin does not use water in its air conditioning systems, no harm for humans can be caused. In chilled water systems for industrial purpose, the legionella bacteria can not live because of the low temperature of the water in the closed circuit. 

The Daikin Fresh Water Principle

All Daikin systems that produce domestic hot water are equipped with an anti-legionella tank and a weekly disinfection cycle that prevents bacteria build up in stored water. Some of these hot water tanks however are based on the flow-through principle, which means a weekly thermal disinfection is not necessary.

If you are looking to have an absolute fresh water feeling, have a look at our ECH20 thermal store. Unlike taditional hot water heaters, the ECH20 thermal store instantly heats water passing through the tank. This process avoids prolonged water storage, and significantly increases the safety and quality of your hot water. Equipped with an anti-legionella thermal store, our ECH20 domestic hot water heat pump ensures you always have hot water that is fresh and healthy.

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