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The ONECTA Application is not successful in connecting

​Please make sure that you are in close vicinity of your Daikin Altherma when doing the onboarding procedure. The ONECTA Application contains a step-by-step instruction how to activate the Access Point for your Daikin Altherma wireless gateway.


iOS 15 users temporary workaround: 

The ONECTA application 2.7.0 , 3.0.2 & 3.1.0 is experiencing issues with connecting toward the Daikin wireless access point. To successfully connect please follow the next steps :

  • Update application to 3.1.0 or newer
  • Disable mobile data (3G/4G/..) on your iPhone
Disable mobile data
  • start the commissioning of your Daikin unit through the ONECTA application. 

General Information : 

Please note that the Access Point is only active for 3 minutes when no commissioning is in progress. Once your phone is connected to the Access Point it stays active as long as your phone is connected. Once disconnected the Access Point again stays available for 3 minutes, after that it is disabled and you must enable it again via the MMI interface​. (On firmware 1.0.8 the access point is only active for 1 minute )


Please note that only 1 phone can be connected to the access point at all time . A second connection will be rejected by the gateway. The ONECTA Application will automatically try to disconnect when the onboarding succeeds or when the Application is closed. On Android 9 or lower the automatic disconnect doesn’t always function properly depending on the used scenario, so please make sure you are disconnected by checking your Wi-Fi settings.


Please note that if the Operating system indicates that you are connected to a network without “internet” , then please stay connected to “daikin-ap”. If any popups are given to switch network back to a previous network without internet , select the option to stay connected to "daikin-ap". Not doing so will result in failure.


In rare cases, it is possible that the ONECTA application cannot connect to your Daikin Altherma wireless gateway automatically. When this happens, the ONECTA application will inform you and prompt you to connect to the wireless gateway manually.


The brands that were most impacted were:

  • OnePlus mobile phones running Android 10 and higher
  • Huawei mobile phones running Android 10 and higher


  1. Press the “copy WiFi password to clipboard” (scrolling on the page could be required to reveal the copy button) or use:  D5ApAG5R2J2tnFRA5My7Y28rP95mv65
  2. Go to Wifi settings of your operating system
  3. Search for daikin-ap and select this wireless network
  4. When prompting a WiFi password , past the copied password
  5. Return to the app
  6. The onboarding flow should continue
Unable to connect to gateway
  • If you want to retry the automatic search for "daikin-ap" Access Point, please close the onboarding flow & retry.

    During product validation we've detected that in extreme rare cases some smartphone operating systems have troubles connecting to the "daikin-ap" access point. In such case, please make sure that your phone is running the latest operating system update the is available, try to reboot your phone or use a different phone to complete the onboarding of your Daikin Altherma wireless gateway.
  • Brands that were most impact were:
  • Some iPhones models running iOS 14.x
  • Xiaomi phones not running the latest operating system updates.

Need help?

Need Help?