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I want to turn off my unit or change its setpoint with the Daikin Residential Controller app, but the app doesn’t allow for this. Why is that?

Depending on the state your Daikin unit is in, certain controls of the unit are blocked. Functions that cannot be controlled are greyed out.

If installer mode is active on the unit's user interface, full control of the unit is blocked for safety reasons. Installer mode will automatically deactivate after some time. However, if this doesn’t happen, ask your installer to deactivate installer mode for you.

When your unit is in error, all controls except [ON/OFF] are blocked due to safety reasons.

If, after being in error, the unit enters emergency mode (either automatically or manually after user confirmation, depending on settings), control blocks are lifted and full control is possible again. Mind that for the unit to enter emergency mode "manually", a manual action is required on the unit's user interface, so you need to be physically present with the unit.

If holiday mode is active for your unit, then all controls are also blocked. To regain control, try disabling holiday mode.

To check the current status of your units, tap the “bell” icon in one of their control screens.

Mind that some Daikin Altherma heat pump units are only partially compatible with the Daikin Residential Controller app. This can result in an inactive or greyed-out operation circle. For an overview of which functions are supported by which units, check the compatibility matrix in compatibilityMatrix.xlsx.

Need help?

Need Help?