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I forgot the child lock code.

When your unit is linked to an "Out-of-Home” account your child lock pin code can be recovered with the following steps:

  • Login with your “Out-of-Home” account 
  • Tap “Add adapter” in the menu 
  • Tap and hold the adapter that has a child lock for more than 3 seconds 
  • A pop-up will appear with the child lock pin code 

When your unit is not linked to a “Out-of-Home” account, your child lock pin code can be reset with the following steps:

  • Contact your installer 
  • Your installer will need to do factory reset of the LAN adapter to remove the child lock code. 

Caution: factory resetting the LAN adapter clears all settings.

Settings that are reset:

  • Home network connection (LAN settings) 
  • Child lock code 
  • Unit name and icon
  • Your Out-of-Home link between the adapter and the user account

Need help?

Need Help?