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I am trying to add a unit to my user account, but the app keeps failing. What do I do?

In rare cases, the app will be unable to register your unit and add it to your user account. In such cases, please check the following points:

a.      Check that you are connected to the internet

b.      Retry

c.      If the problem persists, contact your installer or the Daikin service department

When re-trying to add a unit to your user account, it’s possible that the app informs you that this unit “is already added to another user’s account”. Don’t worry, this didn’t actually happen in the cloud. You will, however, need to disassociate the unit before you can try adding it again.

If the primary DNS server isn’t available, the network gateway will not be able to connect to the cloud/internet. The network gateway will never use the secondary DNS server.

If you are a beta user or involved in testing, make sure that network gateway and app are using the same cloud environment.

Need help?

Need Help?