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http://altherma.local, the link to the network gateway’s configuration web interface, does not work. Huh?

Make sure that your computer is connected to the same network (same router) as the network gateway. Additionally, limit the network equipment between your computer and the network gateway.

To discover the unit, the network gateway uses mDNS (Bonjour/ZeroConf). In rare cases, it is possible that this application is not installed on your computer. When this is the case, you can solve this issue by installing iTunes.

If installing iTunes does not allow access to the configuration web interface, connect to the configuration web interface via the network gateway’s IP address:

In your browser, go to the network gateway’s IP address.

There are various ways to retrieve this address:

  •  Retrieval via the Daikin Residential Controller app: in the app, tap the pencil icon, then under “Units”, tap the unit that is connected to the network gateway of which you want to retrieve the IP address.
  •  Retrieval via your router's DHCP client list: find the network gateway in the router's DHCP client list.


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Need Help?