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New 3D app by Daikin

Have you ever wondered how an air conditioning or heating device looks in your home?

The Daikin 3D app is the ultimate application that helps you find the perfect air conditioning or heating solution. 

The Daikin 3D app is able to place every air conditioning or heating device anywhere you want via augmented reality. This way you can find the device that suits your home. Not only are you able to see your indoor device, this app also allows you to go outside and see where the best location for the outdoor unit would be.

The Daikin 3D app is very easy to use! Choose the desired device and click the augmented reality button. The app gives you a step by step explanation on how to simulate the Daikin unit within your home.

The Daikin 3D app offers a lot of useful features:

  • You can customize the size, colour, rotate and move the air conditioning or heating unit to your liking.
  • You can view the exact dimensions of each device and its position from the floor/ceiling by a simple click.
  • You can take a picture of the 3D unit and save it to your phone gallery, this way you have a permanent reference.
  • You can consult the technical data sheets and find additional information about the different devices.

Remark: there could be a possibility that some older mobile devices are not supporting the required A.R. technology. In case your mobile device would not be compatible you could still use the app by making use of a “marker”.

Follow below instructions about how to use the marker.

1.       Download the “marker”

2.       Print the "marker” on a A4 sheet.

3.     Place the “marker” on the wall where you wish to install the unit, frame the sheet with your mobile device and your air conditioner will pop-up 3D in its original size. You can also place the 'marker' on the ground on the terrace or balcony where you would like to install the outdoor unit and you will see it appear on the screen.


Daikin indicates that the display of 3D images using the app could result in inaccuracies or errors of which it can not be held responsible in any way.
If you want to receive accurate data you can consult our technical and commercial documentation.

Need help?

Need Help?