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Having the right ventilation equipment is crucial to provide you fresh air and to filter out air pollutants like pollen, spores, cement dust, bacteria, viruses and germs.


To achieve optimal ventilation, Daikin maintains the highest standards of energy efficiency and flexibility to deliver the best indoor air quality. To attain clean indoor air, Daikin ensures its ventilation products are seamlessly integrated in a total heat pump solution. This means we reduce the number of individual systems and independent suppliers to deliver one complete HVAC system.

All of our ventilation units offer heat recovery as a standard feature and can recover up to 81% of outgoing heat. We offer a wide range of solutions to cover almost any application, starting from as low as 10 m3/h up to 140,000 m3/h.

Daikin Air Handling unit Modular Light installed at Action store

Heat Reclaim Ventilation

Heat reclaim ventilation airflow scheme

Daikin Heat Reclaim Ventilation (HRV) units recover heat energy lost through ventilation and control room temperature changes caused by ventilation, maintaining comfort and air quality. They can also reduce the load on the climate control system, conserving energy. 

HRV units can be integrated into a VRV or Sky Air system, allowing central control of all aspects of the indoor climate. 

The current line-up includes models with (VKM) or without a dehumidifier (VAM).


Air Handling Units

Daikin air handling unit installation on rooftop

Daikin offers a wide range of air handling units for medium-sized to large-scale applications. The standard range of different sized units can be customised to fit available space, or systems can be tailored to meet a building’s needs.

Air handling units can be integrated into a whole building solution by connecting them to any Daikin VRV or ERQ inverter condensing unit.

Daikin Modular Light (Smart) 

  • Daikin’s Modular Light unit offers a unique double filtration feature to eliminate particles as much as possible.
  • The unit has an aluminium heat exchanger with an efficiency above 92 %.
  • The casing consists of a double skin with a 50 mm thick mineral wool insulation to ensure a lower noise level.
  • Тhe height of the unit has been optimised to save as much space as possible when installed in a suspended ceiling.

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Need Help?