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Tips and Tricks on how to improve IAQ

Poor Indoor Air Quality is commonly associated with improperly operated and maintained heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Here's what you can do to change this.


What can you do to improve IAQ?

Every building requires regular safety checks, such as

  • HVAC and ventilation systems need to be operated and maintained properly in order to be effective

  • Healthy buildings experts suggest replacing current air filters as part of this process

  • Possibly upgrading filter efficiency to capture even more small particles, helping to keep customers and employees safe from airborne pathogens

General Recommendations how to operate & maintain ventilation

REHVA Covid-19 guidance logo

REHVA COVID-19 guidance

The latest version of REHVA’s (Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations) COVID-19 guidance is focusing on how to reopen and safely use buildings after the lockdown, providing advice on specific components, buildings/space types, and suggesting mitigation measures.

illustration of general recommendations for safe operation of HVAC systems in times of the Corona pandemic


It is important to keep an eye on air exchange rates. The higher the ventilation rate per hour in a room is, the better indoor air quality will be.

Ventilation systems need to be properly sized in order to guarantee the adequate air exchange rate in indoor environment and properly clean the air. 

Other recommendations for safe and healthy operation of HVAC systems are shown in our infographic on the left.


Daikin Ventilation Tips & Tricks for Offices and Stores

As  a specialist for HVAC-R solutions Daikin would like to provide useful advice on how to ventilate offices, restaurants or stores effectively to improve indoor air quality. Check out our expert tips and tricks for the following 3 areas:

  1. Small stores or restaurants (in free-standing buildings)
  2. Small to medium-sized offices (in buildings with up to 10 floors)
  3. Offices & stores in large buildings (where windows can't be opened)


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Need help?

Need Help?