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Unique auto cleaning technology

Just like vacuum cleaners, air conditioning systems use filters to clean the air as it passes through. The more particles collect in the filter, the less efficiently your A/C will work. Dust accumulated during daily use will also affect the appearance of ceilings and grilles, where dirt gathers.

female store clerk emptying A/C filter dust box with vacuum cleaner hose in shop

Clogged filters resulting from dust build-up means that the system needs to work harder, causing:

  • Gradual loss of system efficiency over time 
  • Reduced airflow and heat exchange surface, i.e. reduced capacity
  • Discomfort for building occupants, as less heat is dissipated into the air
  • System reliability is affected, thus more maintenance call-outs to site

Our round flow cassette and concealed ceiling units have optional auto cleaning filters. They are designed to deliver increased reliability and energy savings of up to 20% compared with manual cleaning, provide more comfort and better air quality for occupants and tenants.

Auto-cleaning kit for concealed ceiling units

Daikin’s auto-cleaning duct can be fitted to VRV and Split air conditioning units to collect debris in a dust box that can be simply emptied using a standard vacuum cleaner.

It is designed specifically for for hotels, offices, restaurants, retail and residential applications.

Air flow illustration for Daikin concealed ceiling unit with auto-cleaning kit
Illustration of Daikin auto-cleaning filter kit for concealed ceiling air conditioning unit

How does it work?

Connected to the slim concealed ceiling unit, the auto cleaning filter option integrates a moving brush, which captures and collects dust into the onboard dust box during the pre-programmed cleaning cycle.

Once the dust box is almost full, you can simply empty it via a vacuum cleaner hose connection, quickly and easily, saving on maintenance and without disturbing guests or occupants.

Built-in flexibility

Designed to offer maximum versatility to meet the needs of diverse applications, the auto-cleaning filter kit incorporates an extra-long 1.7m connecting hose to allow flexible positioning of the suction port in the ceiling, in cupboards, or other concealed locations to present a discreet appearance.


Auto-cleaning panels for cassette units


Engineered for comfort

Our Round Flow Cassette is equipped with a special auto-cleaning filter panel which ensures consistent operation, reduces maintenance cost and increases efficiency by up to 50% when compared to normal cassettes.

Auto-cleaning panel for Daikin round flow cassette units

How does it work?

The dust collected during the daily automatic cleanings is stored in a box that can hold up to 12 month's worth of dust.

Forget the ladders and a cleaning technician. All you need to do to extract the dust from the box is to hook it up to your regular vacuum cleaner.


Widest choice of panels

Daikin auto cleaning panels are available in white and black.

  • Unique auto cleaning cassette with wide flaps and optional intelligent sensors
  • Finer mesh panels for dust prone areas (like book or clothing stores)

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