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2020 Good Design Award Products

2020 Good Design Award Products

Air Conditioner (Cassette Air Conditioner)

A cassette air conditioner that redefines air experience in Southeast Asia and is designed to provide optimum comfort through 360° all-around uniform cooling. The design is a user-driven concept for providing a comfortable cooling experience to a large number of people. >>Read More

Air Conditioner (CX/C series)

A compact air conditioner that redefines the relationship between the ceiling, wall, and air conditioner based on airflow that provides new options for the installation environment. The product is praised for its beautiful presence and improved functionality that mitigates limitations on installation space. >>Read More

Air Conditioner (FTKZ09VV2S)

A cooling-only air conditioner focusing on maintainability under severe conditions of Southeast Asia. The product is praised for its simple appearance and ease in cleaning that surpasses conventional air conditioners.

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Deodorizer (Loop Streamer)

A compact deodorizer that removes unpleasant odors in small spaces such as entrances and wardrobes. 

The unique shape of louvers is also impressive. The product is small, but its design provides great satisfaction to users.

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Portable Air Conditioner (Carrime)

A portable air conditioner that provides comfort to small spaces where it is difficult to install air conditioners, such as in a kitchen, dressing room, study, or skip floor. This air conditioner realizes an exquisite, straightforward style that will be loved for a long time. >>Read More

Heat Pump Convector (Altherma HPC)

A high-efficiency heat-pump convector for the European market. The design concept uses a large panel and matt white color to perfectly blend into space, instead of adding something to the building. 

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Air Conditioner Sensor (Butterfly Mobile)

Butterfly Mobile is a conceptual model for a sensing tool that collects ambient room data to centrally control air conditioning units. Daikin performs a variety of research to achieve both creation of a comfortable space and reduction of environmental impact, and a part of this research is sensing. >>Read More

Food Container (Air Container)

Air Container is a conceptual model for a food container that fills with nitrogen collected from the air to inhibit respiration of fruits and vegetables and control maturation. Daikin performs research and development for not only air conditioners but also for chemical products and refrigeration units.

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