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Making hospitals more efficient

Daikin has recently taken part in an important project involving hospitals in Istanbul, Turkey. It is a government project, aiming at making hospitals more energy efficient through the replacement of chillers and other components of the HVAC system that provide these buildings with cooling or heating.

Products installed

Cooling capacity: 7MW

About the products and the project

For the KABEV project, Daikin provided 10 screw inverter chillers which will replace old non-inverter units in the HVAC systems of 5 hospitals across Istanbul. For this project, the consultants performed an energy analysis on the 5 buildings so they could understand how to improve the efficiency levels by renovating the HVAC systems. They also performed simulations to assess the return on the investment (ROI) for the Daikin chillers.

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More about the project

As energy efficiency was the main goal, inverter technology was fundamental. This advanced technology adjusts the efforts the chillers make, based on the actual cooling demands of the building at specific moments in the day or season.

The screw inverter chillers units from the TZ Series by Daikin were particularly appreciated as they can produce very high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) values, which was a key criteria for the consultants.

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Another key aspect was the integrability. As these chillers are being integrated in existing plants, it was important to choose units that could integrate smoothly in the system and be controlled by the existing BMS with the same management and control possibilities as the existing units.

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