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District cooling – The Qatar University Project

The Qatar University Project perfectly describes how Daikin Applied Europe can provide value even in big and complex applications such as district cooling. These kind of project have always been in Daikin DNA. In fact, Daikin has historically been ahead of the game when it comes to providing cooling capacity on unusually high scale.

Project description

This specific project aims at designing the HVAC system which will provide cooling to students’ accommodations, labs, study centers and class rooms of a University campus in Doha. More specifically, to the immense Qatar University’s Campus.

The key drivers for this project were clearly efficiency and reliability. Daikin has been able to meet clients needs thanks to the WCT range. In fact, two WCT units connected in series counter-flow will provide a total cooling capacity of 40,000 kW. All that providing the best efficiency and meeting requirements and expectations.

Clients feedback

We had the pleasure to meet Homoud M Alhajri, Mechanical Section Head at Qatar University, and Haribaskar P, Senior Mechanical Engineer at Qatar Design Consortium. During the factory test they were kind enough to share how their work was progressing:

“These chillers are going to be used in the Qatar University Central Service Unit 4. It is a district cooling plant providing cooling to different buildings. From students accommodations, to study centers, labs and other buildings. We are here today to be sure these chillers will perform in the climatic conditions of Qatar as expected. So, we need to be sure they will match the design conditions of the project. District cooling plants are complex systems. Because of that, it’s important that chillers perform as per the project criteria. The application requires zero tolerance. […] The test is meeting our expectations. Daikin team has been very supportive. They have been taking care of us and we constantly receive updates as they move forward with the tests.  Therefore, we are very happy of how things are going”.

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