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Which AC Brand Is Perfect for You?

Calling Egyptian summer hot is merely an understatement. The place is hot throughout the year and experiences dry as well as humid months...

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Evolution of Air Conditioners - Technological Leaps

Air Conditioners have to be counted as one of the most important inventions of humans. Started as a luxury for the rich to become a household...

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A Brief Guide on different Residential AC Types!

Looking for a new AC? Be it summer, winter, or spring, an AC is a perfect partner throughout the year...

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The Green Deal is the EU’s ‘man-on-the-moon moment’: here’s why we need heat pumps to make it happen

Decarbonizing the heating sector will be key to making Europe a climate-neutral...

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5 Ways You Can Cut Down On Your AC Costs

It is no surprise that UAE summers are really hot. Temperature can rise to 50-degree centigrade;...

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Less is more.

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Stylish brings together excellent design and technology to deliver a total climate solution for any interior. 

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Daikin Altherma 3 H HT is a high-temperature air-to-water heat pump providing heating, cooling and hot water.

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From small homes to large office spaces

Whether you're a homeowner, shopkeeper or hotel manager, our Daikin heating and cooling solutions will meet your needs. Begin your project with us by selecting your building type.

Daikin Emura innovation

Innovation means continuous improvement

We believe that there is always room for improvement. And this belief is the driving force behind everything that we do at Daikin. From small improvements in the production process, to major breakthroughs that result in 70% energy savings, we aim to inspire technological change. With our own European Development Centre, and focus on energy-efficient products, we are creating climate solutions in Europe for Europe.

Solutions for each climate need

At Daikin, we offer the largest selection of heating and cooling solutions to suit all environments and personal preferences. Learn more about the options available to you by choosing an application.