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Daikin Altherma M HW

New generation of domestic hot water heat pumps

Flexibility first

Daikin Altherma M HW tank

Daikin Altherma M HW is the brand new range​ of heat pump water heaters with storage tank to​ generate domestic hot water, suitable for small​ residential applications.​

It’s a smart heating solution for domestic water that​ employs electricity, air and if needed solar thermal​ and photovoltaic energy without resorting to​ traditional fuels. Efficiency, an eco-friendly approach,​ flexibility and a new look are Daikin Altherma M HW‘s​ distinctive features, for which it stands out compared​ to a traditional electrical water heater.​


Daikin Altherma M HW is an air-water heat pump​ for the production of domestic hot water, storage​ in a enamelled steel tank, with condenser having​ an external jacket to guarantee top safety and​ hygiene.​

Maximum temperature of 62°C from renewable energy with heat pump​

alone or through a Heating Element (up to 75°C)​

  • Programmable digital interface with TOUCH keys​
  • Integration through Solar Thermal energy (LT-S model) or through​ a Heating Element (up to 75°C) on all models​
  • Integration with Photovoltaic Solar system​

When saving is a must​

Daikin Altherma M HW makes the most​ of all the features and technology of airwater​ heat pumps to produce domestic​ hot water. Only 25% of the system’s energy​ demand comes from electricity.​

Heat pump technology illustration


Daikin Altherma M HW can be installed in any room,​ including non-heated ones like garages and laundry​ rooms, and does not require any special work, except​ for the holes for the air intake and exhaust pipes.​

Air intake and exhaust installation illustration
Daikin Altherma M HW user interface display

The electronics, it couldn’t be easier!​​

Daikin Altherma M HW’s user interface​ has a very simple and intuitive display. To meet the widest range of needs, Daikin Altherma M HW has 5 different operating modes:

operating modes

Daikin Altherma M HW only works in heat pump mode. The additional heater turns on as a support only if the outdoor temperature is outside the operating range (setpoint 62°C).​

Daikin Altherma M HW works in heat pump mode by default. The additional heater turns on as a support only if the tank temperature increase is too slow (>4°C/30 min.) Or the outdoor temperature is outside the operating range (setpoint 62°C).​

Daikin Altherma M HW simultaneously operates as a heat pump and with the additional heater. Setpoint can be up to 75°C.​

Daikin Altherma M HW only works with the additional heater. Set point can be up to 75°C.​

Daikin Altherma M HW only works in ventilation mode. The heat pump and additional heater are off.​

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