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FLRN-E Series

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Product Features

  • Optimal wide and long airflow distribution, enhanced by the 3-D auto swing (vertical and horizontal)

  • Turbo mode for quick cooling

  • Outperforming system efficiency enhanced with smart indoor functionalities like:

  • The intelligent eye that adjusts the set point based on the room occupancy

  • The special Econo Mode

  • Whisper quiet operation

  • Elegant and user-friendly wireless remote controller

  • Integration to high level Daikin control management, such as i-Touch Manager –

  • Exceptional cooling performance, regardless ambient temperature, thanks to the unique combination of the most advanced technologies like R-32 gas, inverter compressor and optimal heat exchanger design

  • The Daikin R-32 Inverter wall is the only split in the market able to deliver as much capacity at 46ºC than at 35ºC, with low energy consumption:

  • warranting optional cooling comfort regardless the outside temperature 

  • With possibility to downsize A/C equipment at design stage 

  • Exceptional Nominal, Actual and Seasonal Efficiency, exceeding the most stringent hi-EER regulation

  • Up to 50% less energy consumption than traditional systems

  • Quick Cooling: 1.5 times faster than a traditional systems, even under high ambient conditions

  • Standard anti-corrosion protection


Powerful cooling

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Intelligent eye

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3-D Airflow

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Angle Double Right

User Friendly

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Energy Saving

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Tropical compressor

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