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Product Features

AC fan motor unit for concealed flexi mounting

  • 253 mm height for all capacities
  • 6 fan speed for all models
  • Total cooling capacity range of 1-10 kW
  • Lower Heat Loss - Heat exchanger pipes are inside of the unit, all sides of the heat exchange recovered by thermal insulation
  • Class 0 Thermal Insulation (According to BS476)
  • Aluminum rhombus shaped fins develop by DAIKIN
  • Aluminium Mesh Filter - Standard 1 inch (25mm) Al mesh filter
  • Easy Access to Filters - Bottom filter access of the unit is same with the unit direction/Filter covers can be remove easily, no need to remove screws
  • Corrosion Resistant Drain Pan - Galvanized steel sheet + Powder coating
  • High Strength Structure - Support plate on suction side provide additional reinforcement
  • Suction Side Sound Proof Insulation (Fan Insulation) - 10mm melamine foam
  • Serviceability - Open shape design provides easy installation
  • Flexibility - Drain pan position can be narrowed/Easier installation for small spaces
  • Flexibility - Terminal connection direction is changeable on the field. If wiring direction need to be opposite of the unit direction, this can be change on the field
  • Optional Electric Heater Box - From 1 kW to 5 kW heating capacity


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