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Product Features 

  • Choosing for an R-32 product, reduces the environmental impact with 68% compared to R-410A and leads directly to environmentally friendly R-32 refrigerant with a low Global Warming Potential (GWP)
  • Top product in terms of energy efficiency and operating range
  • Top energy efficiency in the market up to 3.25 for EER and up to 5.79 for SEER
  • Capacity range from 11 up to 16 kW
  • Inverter chiller
  • Daikin scroll compressor
  • New casing for the outdoor units
  • Separate MMI-2 controller for indoor installation
  • Single and three phase models available
  • Inverter

    Inverter compressors continuously adjust compressor speed to actual demand. Fewer power-consuming starts and stops result in decreased energy consumption (up to 30%) and more stable temperatures.

  • Swing compressor

    Swing type compressors have a unified vane and roller with fewer moving parts producing low vibration and friction, achieve higher reliability and efficiency compared to conventionally rotary compressors

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