Floor standing unit



Product Features

  • Ideal for installation where extra high ceilings could lead to inefficient heating from ceiling mounted units
  • Horizontal auto swing moves the discharge flaps left and right for efficient air and temperature distribution throughout the room
  • LCD displays text, numerals and graphics indicating temperature setting, timer setting, auto swing, fan speed etc
  • Two selectable thermo-sensors
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Manually adjustable vertical louvres
  • LCD panel can also be detached and used as remote control, enabling the unit to be controlled from another room


  • Horizontal auto swing

    Horizontal auto swing

    Possibility to select automatic horizontal moving of the air discharge louvre, for uniform air flow and temperature distribution.

  • Fan speed steps

    Fan speed steps (2 steps)

    Allows to select up to the given number of fan speed.

  • Dry programme

    Dry programme

    Allows humidity levels to be reduced without variations in room temperature.

  • Timer


    Can be set to start heating or cooling within a specified period.

  • Centralised control

    Centralised control (optional)

    Starts, stops and regulates several air conditioners from one central point.

  • Auto-restart


    The unit restarts automatically at the original settings after power failure.

  • Self diagnosis

    Self diagnosis

    Simplifies maintenance by indicating system faults or operating anomalies.

Technical details